Linx CJ400 onto painted metal

Industry: Chemicals - glue
Product: Linx CJ400
Substrate: Painted metal

Leading UK glue contract packer Cedesa has bought two Linx CJ400 continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers after successfully trialling the machines for over a year.

Now Cedesa has installed the printers onto a horizontal, semi-automated glue filler line, which operates for up to eight hours a day, five days a week, coding 10 items per minute.

Linx T551 Black high speed ink is being used to print one line of alphanumeric batch code onto painted metal tubes of glue. This fast-drying Linx ink also offers good chemical resistance, which is crucial in this application.

Chris Mckenna, Engineering Manager at Cedesa says: “We needed a printer that was easy to use and offered unparalleled reliability, in an environment where the production line may be run intermittently. “The Linx CJ400 has easily met these requirements during trials, and starts up first time every time.“