Linx TJ Series - Thermal Inkjet Printers

Linx TJ Series - Thermal Inkjet Printers

For a cost effective digital solution that is also reliable, a wide range of coding and marking industries look to the Linx TJ series of thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers.

The cartridge system found in our TIJ printers combines both a printhead and ink supply system. This means that whenever the cartridge is replaced, the printer gets a new printhead along with a new supply of ink, ensuring the best possible performance every time. Maintenance no longer becomes a real issue as the cartridges are speedily changed with no fuss.

The Linx TJ thermal inkjet series provides a wide range of capabilities and options to suit your application and budget. 

The modular design of the Linx TJ125 and Linx TJ225 printers allows for a cost effective solution depending upon your messaging requirements.

The Linx TJ725 provides a more extensive range of printing capabilities and ink types for different substrates.

Linx thermal inkjets are ready to install on your production line straight out of the box, including the printer, controller and mounting brackets

Linx offers a wide range of additional supporting accessories such as alternative mounting systems, warning beacons and external sensors for easy installation into your production line.