Linx TJ125
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Linx TJ125 - Reliable, High Quality, And Easy To Operate
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Key Benefits

  • Reliable, high quality, easy to operate
  • Print onto porous substrates – up to 12.5mm high with a single cartridge
  • Cartridge-based ink system – no maintenance, quick to change, no mess
  • Up to 61m/minute print speeds
  • Real time and date formats, sequential numbering, shift coding, date offset, automatic message repeat, password protection
  • Barcodes & Data Matrix (TJ225)

Linx TJ125 Thermal Inkjet Case Coder

The Linx TJ125 thermal inkjet coding solution provides a low-cost digital alternative to manual stamping, roller coders and low resolution drop-on demand case coders.

Easy to maintain, this case coder printer provides high quality and reliable case coding that is easy to use. The user friendly keyboard interface means message changes are easy to make, one or two lines of code coming as standard.

The cartridge system that comes with the printer means that printhead and ink supply are changed at the same time, with no risk of mess. This innovative system means that your printer performs at its best every time.

The Linx TJ125 is ready to go right out of the box, only requiring some simple assembly. The printer comes as a set including a hand-held controller, a small printhead assembly with one cartridge, and a mounting bracket. This makes installation really easy for the user.

Designed for coding onto porous substrates, the Linx TJ125 can print codes up to 12.5 mm high and 24 characters per line of text, with a single cartridge.

Easy to upgrade

The modular design of the LinxTJ125 means that it is easy to upgrade. The three upgrade Feature Packs enable you to easily migrate to a more advanced printer, avoiding any costly expense that could be incurred through buying a new printer as requirements change.

TJ125 Feature Packs

While the basic LinxTJ125 model can code one or two lines of alphanumeric text, its functionality can easily be increased using one of our Feature Packs.

Key Benefits


  • Maintenance-free printer – no line disruptions or down time
  • No expensive printhead repairs – the ink system and printhead are integrated in one cartridge
  • No need to clean the printhead
  • No risk of nozzle blockages – clean, crisp codes every time

Easy to maintain

  • Self-installable – quick and easy to set up, so you start printing straight away
  • No servicing needed – no costly service contracts required
  • Low maintenance – replacement of the ink cartridge is quick and simple
  • Fit it and forget it– little technical resource or expertise required

Low total cost of operation

  • Low purchase price compared to comparable products
  • No service/maintenance contracts required
  • No need for spare printers
  • Low cost of operation – on average only 1 ink cartridge is used per month

Consistent code quality

  • High resolution printing at 300 DPI, at speeds of up to 61 m/min
  • Clear, clean high quality codes every time
Technical Specification

The basic TJ125 can print 1 or 2 lines of alphanumeric text.

  • Character heights, 12.7mm with one line of code or 5.6mm with two lines of code
  • Alphanumeric character set with additional symbols
  • Ability to interface with up to 32 printers via one controller
  • 24 or 48 character message length per line of text
  • Programmable line speed
  • Print direction and print delay
  • Inverted print
  • English, French, German and Spanish language controller prompts
  • Optional password protection
  • 42ml black water based ink cartridges for porous substrates
  • Upgradeable print capability with Feature Packs
  • Optional Logo Pack to print graphics and logos

To increase the functionality of the Linx TJ125, add a Feature Pack.


  1. Feature Pack 1 (FP1) enables message store capability which is ideal for users who need to store and rapidly retrieve a range of frequently used messages.
  2. Feature Pack 2 (FP2) includes FP1 plus a set of dynamic print messaging capabilities. Hour and date formats, and sequential numbering allow printing of batch numbers and best before dates. FP2 also enables increased message length for more detailed messages.
  3. Feature Pack 3 (FP3) provides expiry date offsets, shift coding and box counting in addition to all the benefits of FP1 & FP2.
  4. The TJ125 Logo Pack provides the ability to print bitmaps and logos.


Download the message examples and print capabilities sheet to see full message examples.

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Linx accessories are designed to enable correct integration of the Linx TJ125 with your production line. For unusual or challenging set-ups, our customer engineering department can build customized solutions to suit every application.
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