Elite snacks and salades

Elite Snacks & Salades chooses one supplier for all of their coding and marketing needs

Quality is not a destination but a continuous activity for Dutch company Elite Snacks & Salades. So it is important that their suppliers also meet the same stringent quality demands.

Elite is the only Dutch company in the industry that produces 3 very different product ranges: sauces, snacks and salads. The company has consistently grown every year, initially delivering to cafeterias but later expanding to include caterers, cheese and vegetable farmers, gas stations, butcher shops, and more recently the industrial and retail sector.

Elite’s manufacturing plant in Neede, Netherlands, is most famous for its ‘Joppie® Saus’ which is a hollandaise sauce used on fries, burgers and snacks. The yellow sauce packaged in a bottle of the same colour has in recent years developed into a top seller in the snack industry and is available from both supermarkets and wholesalers.

With such a wide range of products and customer types, Elite needs a flexible coding solution that is reliable, and supplied from a reputable company. Elite recently moved over to continuous ink jet (CIJ) printing for their product coding and were so impressed with their first Linx 4900 printer that they transferred all of their coding to Linx.

Linx’s Dutch distributor, de Koningh, supplies Elite Snacks & Salades in Neede, Netherlands, with all of their coding equipment. The supplier of snacks, salads and sauces now has 10 Linx 4900 small character ink jet printers for coding onto their products.

The Linx 4900’s ability to store message settings gives Elite the flexibility they need with their coding, allowing them to quickly change messages as and when required. Having an immediate answer to technical questions is also important to Elite, to ensure that their production continues to run smoothly, so the company has been impressed with the level of de Koningh’s technical knowledge and support both on site and on the telephone.

With the Linx 4900 printers, Elite is confident that they can continue to supply high quality products, backed by a reliable and supportive supplier.