Pannon Mechanika

Pannon Mechanika provides unique mechanical engineering solutions for manufacturing, such as testing equipment, assembly lines and labelling equipment.
Pannon Mechanika’s client needed to code onto anodized aluminium name plates, which are then applied to automotive components. Previously the customer used a manually controlled CO2 laser, but was looking for a fully automated solution. 
Linx distributor, Printec BB Kft supplied a Linx SL302 CO2 laser coder to Pannon Mechanika who then integrated the coder into a fully automatic, robotic-laser station.
A robotic arm moves the blank aluminium name plates to under the Linx SL302 laser, where special software creates the correct template from the data in the customer’s SAP system.
After laser marking, the code is then checked by a high precision camera, then foiled and placed in a receptacle ordered by the SAP system. 
The Linx 30W laser codes data such weight, dimensions, pressure and stress information onto each nameplate, plus logos and an EAN128 barcode.

Read the Case Study pdf to find out more about this application