RPC Containers

Linx Inks provide anti-counterfeit evidence for bottle manufacturer
The use of special UV-readable ink from Linx Printing Technologies is playing a key role in ensuring the authenticity and full traceability of a range of bottles produced by leading rigid plastics packaging manufacturer RPC Containers Llantrisant.

RPC Llantrisant manufactures the bottles in eight sizes from 25ml to 200ml. Linx Clear UV-readable ink 1121 is then used to code both the bottles and their caps inline using Linx 4900 continuous ink jet printers. The code includes a batch number, date and time, and the line on which the bottle was produced.

It acts as a covert security feature which, in the event of any problem or quality issue, enables the complete pack to be traced back through the entire filling, supply and manufacturing chain.

The bottles are injection blow moulded by RPC Llantrisant and then fed into a capping machine. Both the cap and bottle are coded simultaneously by two Linx 4900s.

The Linx 4900 was selected for its speed and reliability, being able to cope easily with line speeds of around 3,200 bottles per hour. RPC operates two lines with the flexibility to add a third to meet peaks in demand. The portability of the Linx 4900 means the printer can be easily moved as required depending on production requirements.

“We have been delighted with the performance of both the Linx 4900s and the UV-readable ink,” comments RPC Llantrisant’s manufacturing manager Jon Bedgood.

“The ink produces a completely invisible code which is nevertheless very clear and easy to read under the appropriate conditions. The printers have been extremely reliable and we have had no issues since they were installed – we only have to start them up and away they go. Our operators like them and Linx provided full training, which means everyone is familiar with how they work.”