Taylors of Harrogate

Linx reliabilty continues to deliver for Taylors of Harrogate

Taylors of Harrogate manufacture the popular Yorkshire Tea brand and have been using Linx laser coders for over ten years to code onto the cardboard packaging used for the tea and today has eight machines on-site.

The excellent relationship between Linx Printing Technologies and Taylors of Harrogate – manufacturers of the much-loved Yorkshire Tea brand – has been underlined by the installation of two new Linx 500SL laser coders to service new production lines at the company’s Harrogate production facility.

“The Linx 500SL is a flexible, high-speed machine that delivers exceptional clarity whatever code is required,” comments David Lamb, Group Head of Engineering at Taylors of Harrogate.

The company prides itself on its commitment to state-of-the-art technology, and the relationship has evolved in tandem with Linx's continuing product development.

The new Linx 500SL coders are devoted to printing multi-lingual codes for export. “Each country has different legislative needs, so to streamline our logistics we use a generic box design for Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast Tea worldwide, which the Linx machines code directly onto,” explains David Lamb.

Production speeds of 50 boxes a minute are well within the coders’ capabilities, whilst the Linx 500SL easily meets the requirement to print a large number of complex characters onto each box. For example, Mandarin symbols are required for packs created for the Chinese market.

Information to be printed is downloaded directly to the Linx lasers from the Taylor’s server, ensuring the accuracy of unfamiliar languages that operators would Linx reliability continues to deliver for Taylors of Harrogate.

“Linx has been very supportive in working with our software and production line suppliers to achieve this important aid to productivity,” confirms David Lamb. “We are extremely happy with our relationship with Linx,” comments David Lamb.

“Even the oldest machines continue to perform to the highest standard, and the new Linx 500SL models have brought real benefits to our export coding needs by removing the need for pre-printed boxes.”

About the Linx 500SL

The Linx 500SL is a rugged, high-powered scribing laser coding system, which is suitable for high quality coding and marking applications.

For Taylors of Harrogate, the flexibility offered by the Linx 500SL’s large mark field enables a considerable amount of information such as text and graphics to be coded.

With a peak output of 100W, the Linx 500SL can produce consistently high quality, permanent results, even on high-speed production lines.

It is equally at home coding hard to mark materials such as glass, rubber and plastics, in all cases producing superior indelible codes that enhance brand values with their outstanding quality.

This robust steered beam laser has an IP65 rating for reliable coding in wet and/or dusty production environments, such as beverage or food.

Yorkshire Tea packs distributed to the UK market are coded using a Linx 500SL and the dot matrix lasers, which were already installed on site. These print a 6mm code, comprising Use By date and an internal traceability code, onto the packs.