The frozen foods and ready meals sector is enjoying healthy growth. Manufacturers could look to their coding and marking equipment to ensure they are in good shape to grow with the sector.
The baked goods industry is changing – and inevitably any change impacts on all parts of an operation. So what are these changes and how might they affect your choice of coding machinery?
Laser coding is becoming increasingly popular for product coding, so how does it make a mark on a variety of packaging materials?
Find out 3 critical things you need to know when moving from manual to automated product coding
The Baked Goods sector covers bread, biscuits, cakes as well as variants of these such as snack bars, pastries and rusks. As such a range of packaging solutions are used and so a consideration of the requirements of each is needed before deciding on the right coding solution.
Lean manufacturing aims for continuous improvement by identifying opportunities to reduce waste and add value. Companies may use a range of proven methods when applying lean principles, including Just-In-Time deliveries which offer such benefits as eliminating the need for high stock levels, and freeing up factory floor space.
When automotive recalls occur, how can coding and marking help to reduce the impact and streamline the process?
Choosing the most appropriate ink for your application is a critical decision to ensure that the very best message quality and durability is achieved. Often the type of ink you need will determine which ink jet printer you buy. Therefore understanding the properties of the inks available is important.

Large scale manufacturers with high volume output often require high speed production lines to meet their targets. It’s therefore essential that all components on a line are able to perform at the same high standard, avoiding any bottlenecks. Consider the other components of your line and the speed at which your coder can operate. Can your coder keep up?


Choosing a future-proofed coding solution is essential for high-end coding applications, for example in the production of high value products or 24/7, high volume output, it's essential to consider how your investment will be future proofed, for example by recuperating costs thanks to reduced downtime through increased reliability with no ongoing consumable costs.

The dairy industry has been subject to a number of different trends affecting production, processing and packaging in recent years. The dairy packaging industry is under increasing pressures from consumers and others in the market to conform to many of these trends, something that could have an effect on other parts of the sector.
How can digital coders help those in wire and cable manufacturing keep up with this fast paced industry? Find out here.
Find out how cable coding technology can help those in the wire and cable industry deliver within ACI regulations.
The chemical industry is currently one of the UK’s top export earners, generating a large annual trade surplus of around £5bn each year since 2008. The industry is expected to grow further by 15.4% by 2018, however, profit margins in the industry are expected to remain slim
An infographic looking at the different ways that a Linx coder could benefit coding in the personal care industry
Growth continues in the personal care industry: global beauty market sales were up $23bn in 2014 on the previous year. This growth is accompanied by innovative product development, resulting in a mix of types of packaging as manufacturers strive to make their products stand out with bespoke container designs in an increasingly competitive market.
A key element of your line is your coding and marking equipment. Traceability in the UK cosmetics industry is covered by the Regulation 1223/2009 with came into effect in 2013. All products must bear indelible, easily legible and visible written information on the container/outer packaging or sometimes both. In addition there are over 40 natural and organic standards for cosmetics across Europe, so your coding solution needs to be able to meet all of these.
Reliable coding is essential for businesses. The Linx 8900 is designed to offer a simple way of achieving the production line uptime you require. Find out more about how our latest CIJ coder can reduce line stoppages and unplanned downtime.
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