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American FlexPack

Contract packer American FlexPack Inc has praised the reliability of the award-winning Linx CJ400 Continuous Ink Jet printer after winning one at Pack Expo 2012.

The company, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a manufacturer and filler of single-use packets and pouches supplying nationwide branded and private label products for many industries including automotive, personal care, cosmetics and home cleaning.  The products are packaged in a form fill and seal machine then individual items are cartoned, then placed into a chipboard shipping box.

The shipping boxes are coded with a lot number by the Linx CJ400, using Linx T511 Black ink. The code is one or two lines of up to 25 characters, 3mm tall, with between 5-10 boxes coded per minute on a line operating for 16 hours a day, five days a week.

American FlexPack has been impressed with the performance of the Linx CJ400, which was named as winner of the ‘Most Innovative Processing or Packaging Machine’ category at the PPMA (Processing & Packaging Machinery Association) Group Industry Awards 2012.

Kevyn Lange, Vice President, Engineering, of American FlexPack Inc, who worked closely with Linx’s US distributor Diagraph to finalise the required ink and printer specification, says: “We have been using this printer steadily for three months, two shifts a day. It has required zero maintenance and has caused no downtime.

“The user prompts on the Linx CJ400 are a great feature, as is the printer’s reliability. The printhead doesn’t need to be cleaned, and solvent usage is low.”

The Linx CJ400 features the Easi-Change® Service Module, which can be changed in minutes using on-screen prompts.  This means that scheduled maintenance is easily completed without the need for a trained technician or service calls.  Further self-maintenance features include on-screen trouble shooting. 

The Easi-Change® Service Module is designed so that all relevant serviceable parts are housed in an easily removable box, with no wires or pipes to disconnect and reconnect, and no need to expose other critical printer components during servicing. There are no electronic components to replace when the module is changed, reducing cost and waste.

Extended printhead cleaning intervals, typically three months, represent a huge reduction on cleaning costs and downtime while the Linx CJ400’s unique autoflush processes mean there is no need for printer or conduit flushing for shutdowns of up to four weeks, enabling trouble-free startups after extended shutdown periods. 

The 62 micron printhead nozzle saves up to 40 per cent ink usage compared to other CIJ printers.  Solvent consumption is reduced by up to 33 per cent.

Key Facts:

  • Country: USA
  • Industry: Contract packaging
  • Product printed on: Secondary shipping boxes
  • Message content: Two-line content codes
  • Throughput:5-10 boxes/minute
  • Ink used: Linx T511 Black ink
  • Number of printers purchased: One

Key Product Benefits:

  • Simple to own – serviced by the customer; no printhead cleaning for 3 months
  • The most portable CIJ printer – only 13.5kg
  • Easy to use – colour touch screen and simple user interface for quick message set-up.
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