Easy to use Linx CIJ is ideal for coding onto premium beer cans

A Linx Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer is being used for coding onto beer cans at a successful craft brewery.

Beavertown Brewery has praised the machine’s ease of use, compatibility with high-speed canning lines, and reliable operation in a damp environment.

The company upgraded to the Linx Inkjet after undergoing a dramatic expansion that saw its production batches increase from 700 litres to 10,000 litres, the equivalent of 77,000 litres of beer per week, leading to much higher speeds on its canning line.

The Linx CIJ is able to handle the line’s current maximum speed of 200 cans per minute as well as higher speeds should throughput have to increase further as demand for Beavertown Brewery’s products continues to grow.

Equally important, the printer can also cope with the line’s variable speed, ensuring code quality and clarity remains consistent even as the line speeds up or slows down.

Another benefit of the Linx printer is its IP55 rating. This ensures the printer can perform reliably during the filling operation, which takes place in temperatures of between -1°C and 0°C leading to some condensation forming on the cans. The IP55 rating also allows the machine to remain in place during washdown of the line after every shift.

The Inkjet is printing a single line code, using Linx Black fast-drying ink, onto the bottom rim of the can, ensuring accurate placement and excellent legibility in this small area. The 2-3mm high code comprises best before date and batch code for traceability purposes.

“The Linx CIJ keeps up with the line and meets all our needs”

Tom Jones, Assistant Head Brewer and Production Manager, Beavertown Brewery 

“The Linx Inkjet has provided the ideal solution to help us cope with growing demand for our cans of beer,” comments Tom Jones, Beavertown Brewery’s Assistant Head Brewer and Production Manager.

“It can easily keep up with our canning line speed and I really like the IP55 rating, which is an important benefit as we wash the line down after every shift. Equally important the touchscreen interface is simply laid out and allows us to change over codes very quickly after each run.”

The Linx printer features a high-resolution touch screen for simple and error-free operation. In addition, Linx’s proven autoflush system, which thoroughly cleans the printhead every time the printer is shut down, ensures a fast, reliable startup the next time it is required. This is a significant benefit for Beavertown Brewery, where the canning line is not in operation every day.

Other ease-of-use features of the Linx CIJ include Linx’s pioneering Self-Service Wizard, which guides operators through the process for an engineer-free service module change that minimizes downtime.