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Chocolaterie Jacquot

French chocolatier Chocolaterie Jacquot has emphasised its trust in coding and marking equipment from Linx Printing Technologies as it upgrades production lines.

Jacquot, part of the Cémoi chocolate manufacturer group, has been a Linx customer for several years, and is in the process of replacing all its Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers. The company is continuing its upgrade with the installation of two award-winning Linx CJ400 printers.

“This model was a natural choice for us as it combines simplicity of use and maintenance”, explains David Charlet, Maintenance Team Manager.

As French leader in seasonal chocolate, Jacquot cannot afford any interruption in production when the production campaign is in full swing. The requirements are relatively simple, with chocolate in different bag formats coded with best-before and manufacturing dates. But because of the seasonal nature of the business, production stoppages for adjustment, troubleshooting or maintenance of the lines has to be minimised.  So printers that are easy to use and update with little downtime are essential.

Weighing just 13.5kg for ultimate portability between lines, the Linx CJ400 boasts low cost of ownership thanks to its Easi-Change® Service Module, which is designed so that all relevant serviceable parts are housed in an easily removable box, with no wires or pipes to disconnect and reconnect, and no need to expose other critical printer components during servicing.  Furthermore, there are no electronic components to replace when the module is changed, reducing cost and waste. 

“We particularly appreciate the Easi-Change Service Module for efficient maintenance of the printer: every 6,000 hours of operation or just once a year,” adds Mr Charlet.  “The efficiency and simplicity of its graphics interface with the operator also played a part in our choice. There is no need for training as it is so intuitive.” 

Jacquot has more than 500 employees at sites in Troyes (Aube) and Molsheim (Haut-Rhin). The special characteristic of its business is its seasonal production cycle, especially holidays and festivals, which means producing substantial stocks to meet a demand concentrated over several days a year. The focus of its production is on the Easter and Christmas holiday periods, with a third going to export worldwide.


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