Nythe Farm Kitchen

Simple batch printing of prepared meals

“As our business grows, the quality of our codes may become a factor in our ability to win new business”. Leslie Dennis, Technical Director, Nythe Farm Kitchen

Specialist food producer Nythe Farm Kitchen has installed a Linx 10 printer for applying batch codes onto its range of prepared meals.

The installation of a Linx 10 printer at specialist food producer Nythe Farm Kitchen is producing printed codes of increased quality, consistency and permanence that meet the high standards of the retail sector and will support the company on its next stage of growth.

A family-run business based on its farm in Taunton, Somerset, Nythe Farm has diversified its operation into the production of a range of prepared meals, snacks and convenience foods, such as chicken sushi, meatballs, bhajis and porridge pots, serving both local and national retailers. Previously the company used hand applied labels onto a variety of pack formats in different materials including coated card and flexible plastic film but the label guns were unreliable, placement was inaccurate and the lack of quality detracted from the overall appearance of the packaging.

A particular challenge was the variety of pack types and sizes which needed to be coded, leading to frequent changeovers that made the use of an automated line inappropriate.

The Linx 10 is able to print a high quality, permanent two line code comprising price and use by date, operating up to five hours a day, four days a week. The non-contact printing method means it can easily print onto all the different pack types and shapes, and its compact design and light weight enable the printer to be moved and positioned wherever it is needed, making it ideal for the hand transporter used to present the packs for coding.