Baked Goods
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Key Benefits

  • Robust operation in dusty environments
  • Self-service models for reduced downtime
  • Easy to use, large colour touch screens for quick, error-free code setup
  • Flexible coding solutions for bags, closures, cartons and pouches
  • Choice of coders for both Primary and Secondary coding


The baked goods industry presents many challenges to manufacturers.  Packaging types are broad: from bread bags and closures, cartons and flexible films to bags and pouches.  Dusty production environments can test the reliability of  your packing line equipment, including your batch coders.

Ensure your coding equipment won't let you down - look to Linx printers to maintain your production uptime and ensure you meet your deadlines and delivery slots. 

With little chance to rework or recode baked products, first-time code accuracy is important; this includes error-free code setup as well as code legibility and durability during end-use.  Linx printers are easy to use without complicated menu systems, making code setup and selection quick and simple.

As the baked goods industry experiences more product diversification - such as healthier, sugar and gluten-free options - so the packaging requirements become broader, meaning your coding equipment must keep up with the changes.

Linx printers are renowned for their reliability, ease of use and flexibility, enabling baked goods manufacturers across the world to meet coding standards, production deadlines and a wide range of coding requirements. 


Increase your productivity with reliable batch coding

Linx coders are designed to operate reliably in the most challenging of production environments, including dusty and washdown food packaging operations. Linx printers help manufacturers improve their OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by minimising waste and increasing manufacturing uptime.

Linx CIJ printers provide:

  •  Stainless steel, IP65 rated enclosures which protect against moisture and dust ingression, and ensure continual, reliable operation
  • Positive air options on printheads offer additional protection against dust ingression
  • Self-cleaning printheads - to ensure clean startups, first time every time, and which deliver consistent code quality
  • Self-servicing and quick, clean cartridge refills keep your downtime to a minimum
  • High speed variants for coding up to 6.25m/s
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Support your brands with accurate coding

Linx printers are designed with the customer in mind. Easy to set up and use they reduce coding errors and the risk of rework. With short shelf lives for most baked goods, especially bread and pastries, rework is not always possible, so save time and scrappage costs with clear, accurate coding every time

  • Easy to use, large colour touch screens for quick and accurate code selection and creation
  • Meet your coding needs - print up to 5 lines of date, batch codes, barcodes and logos
  • Clear, legible prints with a quality of code which supports your brands and traceability requirements
  • Linx laser coders provide permanent, high quality marking on the widest range of packaging materials, and at the highest line speeds


Flexible coding solutions

Linx printers provide a quality coding solution for the diverse range of packaging types found in the baked goods industry.

  • Linx CIJ coders print in any orientation with a choice of conduit lengths and right-angled printheads - easy to position on your line
  • Range of CIJ inks for coding onto a variety of packaging materials, including card, flexible film, plastic bags, pouches and cartons
  • Linx 8900 CIJ printers include a carton coding option for printing up to 20mm high - combine both primary and secondary coding with one printer
  • Outer case coders produce large, high quality printing onto secondary card boxes - replace labels and pre-printed packaging with one simple solution
  • React quickly to new product lines with the Linx 10 - a compact, portable printer which is quick and easy to set up yet still delivers premium code quality


“The Linx printer was more compact than the other options that we looked at, and we needed something small to fit on our lines.  The running costs were lower and the maintenance was easier as well.”  Raaj Arjunan, Production Manager, Bellis Fruit Bars

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