Beverage Coding & Marking Solutions
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Glass Bottle Coding CIJ
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Key Benefits

  • Specialist bottle coding machines with an IP55 and IP65 rating
  • Specialist Inks providing good adhesion to glass, PET and PLA, and for caustic wash removal
  • Coders capable of printing up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos and Data Matrix 2D codes
  • Linx Black bottling ink 1058 penetrates condensation and provides good print quality and permanence right up to the point of removal in caustic bottle washers.
  • Unique air knife and printhead system ensures the bottle is dried prior to printing, for good ink adhesion


Beverage Marking & Coding Solutions for Beverage Manufacturers

Since 1987 we have been producing bottle coding and marking equipment used throughout the beverage industry by manufacturers and bottlers. Our customers have come to trust our reliable beverage marking machines and software solutions.

We offer a full range of bottle coders designed to meet the challenges faced by the beverage industry every day. For example, our customers often need to code wet bottles without sacrificing high line speeds and robust traceability. Our solutions make it possible.

“We are delighted with the Linx 8920 printers, in terms of code quality, this is exactly in keeping with our brand values as a premium product,” Mark Maberly,  Decantae Mineral Water.

Find out more about the challenges and solutions of coding in the beverage industry by downloading our white paper – follow the link above.

Linx beverage coders are typically used for coding:

  • Best before dates
  • Manufacturing dates
  • Traceability codes
  • Anti-counterfeit/brand protection marks

Coders in our beverage range are suitable for printing on:

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles
  • Cans
  • Labels
  • Cardboard packaging

CIJ Coders for the Beverage Industry

Linx offers a range of Continuous Ink Jet coders (CIJs) suitable for bottle coding and marking under a variety of conditions. We have specialist bottle coding printers designed to work reliably in harsh production environments e.g. hot/cold, dusty, damp, caustic or sugary. Our CIJ printers come with a wide range of specialist Inks that provide adhesion to glass, PET and PLA. What's more, our high speed Linx laser coders for bottle coding can code up to 70,000 bottles per hour with permanent codes for effective traceability.

Keep your production line moving

  • High IP ratings for reliable operation in wet or dusty environments
  • Robust, self-cleaning printheads for less downtime
  • Linx bottle code printers eliminate time consuming startup and shutdown processes with a single button
  • Linx QuickSwitch® allows you to make quick and accurate code changes with a simple bar code scanner
  • Quick code setup and changes made easy with our simple to use interfaces

Bottle and can marking for different surfaces

  • Non-contact marking with CIJ and laser ensures legible codes on curved surfaces such as drinks cans and bottles
  • Small character coding for bottle caps
  • Specialist inks for reliable coding onto glass on wet fill lines
  • Plastic adherent inks for outstanding adhesion onto most plastics
  • Permanent marking of aluminium drinks cans with Linx Fibre lasers
  • Milk carton coding and marking
  • Linx coders can code packaging just as easily as the bottle, with graphics, logos and Data Matrix 2d codes

Additional benefits of a Linx bottle coder include:

  • Renowned reliability for continual operation
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Easy to operate – maximise the uptime of your bottling line

Specialist Features for Beverage Coding

All of our bottling equipment for coding and printing is designed to reduce waste in the production process. Our SureFill® and QuickSwitch® systems ensure fast and efficient maintenance and maximum uptime, and our software products allow for user-friendly bottle coder solutions, managed from both PCs and mobile devices.

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