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Key Benefits

  • Lower Cost Coding
  • Simple, Easy To Use Coders
  • Flexible Coding Solutions That Can Code Onto a Range Of Substrates and Products
  • Chemical Resistant Codes.

Chemical Printing & Reliable Marking Solutions for Chemicals Industry

Coding on chemical products does not need to be laborious, messy, time consuming or expensive. At Linx we provide award winning chemical coding solutions that are reliable and easy to use. We know that in the chemical industry profit margins are crucial, so this is why we provide coding and marking equipment designed from the ground up to offer a low cost of ownership, as this can play an important role in reducing spend.  We are proud to have many chemical manufacturers using our coders from Carroll Company and Cedesa to name but a few.

Lower cost coding

Linx coding solutions offer savings in many ways with their vast array of coders. For example, protect against downtime with durable IP65-rated steel enclosures on the Linx 8940 CIJ printer.  In addition, Linx printers include a sealed printhead, offering protection against liquid or particle contamination, preventing coder failures and unnecessary downtime.
As we all know too well time is money, so why not beat the clock with our high speed coders such as the Linx 8940 or CSL60 laser coder. These high speed coders are designed with the chemicals industry in mind, having the ability to code onto chemicals products accurately at high speeds.


Simple, easy to use coders:

We have won numerous awards based on how easy our chemical coding machines are to operate. With an intuitive, touch screen interface, all you have to do is add a Linx coding solution to your production line and the rest takes care of its self – It really is that easy. Our software packages also help you to manage your production line remotely, either from your personal PC or mobile device. Not only that, but you can easily change the settings to change messages between products and alter substrates.


Chemical resistant codes:

To ensure that production lines are as efficient as possible, we have developed technology to help change over inks and fluids without wasting a drop. Our products use pigmented inks and UV readable inks for product identification, printing codes that hold their integrity during harsh production processes. We also use Linx black alcohol-resistant ink 1075, perfect for resistance against chemical spill and fast drying inks.




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