Construction Printing & Coding Solutions for the Construction Industry

Linx Printing Technology has been providing coding and marking solutions for the construction industry since 1987. Our equipment has been designed to work reliably in the harshest of production environments, with sealed printheads and up to IP65-rated enclosures to keep out dust, and liquids.

You can achieve reliable batch coding with our range of laser marking and continuous inkjet (CIJ) coding solutions. Our clients in the construction industry enjoy a range of benefits to using our printers, including:

  • Reliability – IP ratings to meet your coding needs, even in the harshest of environments
  • Flexibility – Coders capable of printing multiple lines of code, including high-resolution graphics such as company logos and industry instructions
  • Extensive Choice – We offer a wide selection of inks and colours for long-term visibility during end-use

Coding and marking requirements

Coding and marking requirements for the construction industry can be quite specific: environments are usually harsh, and printing materials can vary quite substantially (from metal and plastic, to glass and timber). However different these materials may be, their printing requirements have a lot in common. Not only must the code itself be durable and resistant, but in order to work efficiently in a harsh construction environment, the printer must be durable, too.

Linx has the solutions your company is searching for. For example, our outer-case coders deliver large printing of graphics and text onto porous materials including board, wood, and laminate flooring, making them an ideal choice for the construction industry.

For high-contrast and indelible printing, Linx pigmented inks for our CIJ coders are available in a wide choice of colours such as Brilliant White, Yellow or Blue. Combined with our robust inkjet printers, they are for product identification in construction printing applications.

Well-built solutions for construction

Our CIJ printers can code onto a variety of materials including wood, board, plastic, rubber, glass, ceramics, and metals. The superior adhesion of our inks makes marking items such as bags, films, straps and metal panels entirely possible. Linx printers can even print on curved and irregular surfaces. Our traversing printhead solutions deliver coding across multiple lines and stationary products, and non-contact CIJ coding means no wear and tear of the printhead from dust and other abrasive materials.

Linx laser coders are ideal for permanent coding of wood, glass, plastic and rubber as well as metal. Our range includes laser coders suitable for both on-the-fly and static coding environments:

  • Linx Fibre lasers can code onto bare metal with an indelible code
  • The fine spot size of our lasers enables a large amount of information to be coded legibly into a small area
  • Integration into your production line is made easy with the compact marking head of our range of laser coders, with the added benefit of an articulated arm to access tight spaces

Linx large character printers provide high resolution marking on non-porous substrates including wood, board, and secondary packaging. Company logos, industry standards, or any combination of text and graphics can be printed with Linx large character printers which make a cost effective and more durable alternative to labels.

Peak performance on your production line

Coding and marking equipment for construction needs to be reliable, efficient, and easy to maintain. Linx CIJ and laser solutions come installed with a variety of management systems to ensure optimal performance and control. For example, Linx FullFlush® technology offers automatic printhead cleaning on the Linx 8900, providing trouble-free start-ups and shut-downs on your production line.

Our coding solutions come with our industry-leading management software known as Linx Insight®. The software enables you to connect your Linx printer to a PC or smartphone and monitor them all from the same device.

To discuss your requirements or request a demo, contact us today.