Contract Packing
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Key Benefits of Linx Solutions

  • Reliable operation for more uptime
  • Adaptable equipment for quick line setup
  • Versatile coders for both primary and secondary coding

Contract Packing

Having the right coding solution for your contract packing operation can give you a competitive advantage.
Handling a range of products and packs, and operating to tight timescales are challenges faced by contract packers and which we at Linx enjoy meeting! Linx coders are used across the world by contract packers who benefit from top level printer reliability, ease of use and flexibility.

Pack Types

A flexible coding solution that can code onto a variety of pack shapes and materials will save on initial purchase cost.
• Non contact coding such as Continuous Ink Jet will code clearly onto irregular surfaces and at a range of line speeds, and as such is a valuable part of a contract packer’s line.
• CIJ coders are also available with a wide range of ink types and colours which can ensure clarity on a wide range of coloured materials, for instance grey or blue ink on clear generic packaging which may contain a variety of different coloured contents.
• The Linx CJ400 can print codes from as small as 1.8mm high and up to 20mm high, making it suitable for both primary and secondary packaging.

Code Content

For high quality graphics and barcodes, then a high resolution coder such as the Linx IJ375 will ensure large readable codes for secondary packaging.
For smaller code sizes, but still requiring high quality 2d codes then look no further than the Linx TJ725 which is compact and quick to set up – ideal for both primary and secondary coding.

Reliability and ease of use

Linx coders are renowned globally for their reliability and ease of use. With IP ratings up to IP65 for dusty environments, and built in cleaning routines for first time startups, even after extended shutdown, Linx coders offer consistent, reliable operation.
Effective coding will help you maximise the speed and efficiency of your contract packing operation, ensuring you remain competitive.

Find out how we can help you maintain a competitive edge by reading our Expert Guide.

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