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Key Benefits

  • Clear, legible codes that stay fixed to your packaging and meet GFSI standards and retailer codes of practice.
  • Reliable operation in wet production environments
  • Flexible coding onto a wide range of packaging materials and SKUs
  • Wide area coding for traversing applications across multiple products
  • High speed capabilities
  • Helps drive Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

    Dairy Printing & Coding Solutions for the Dairy Industry

    Batch printing of dairy products faces many challenges.

    A rise in health-conscious yet time-poor consumers are influencing current trends in the dairy industry. As a result, batch printing of dairy products needs to be flexible to cope with the expanding range of product packaging types.

    Reliable operation in wet production environments is key to maintaining uptime on your line, especially in fast-moving lines producing products with a short shelf life, where time to market is short and profit margins can be low.

    Whether you are coding onto flexible film, carton bricks or PET bottles, Linx printers are designed to be robust and to deliver accurate, durable codes on the widest range of packaging materials, ensuring you meet coding regulations and maximise your production efficiencies.

    Find out more about the how the current changes in the Dairy industry could impact your batch printing - Download our White Paper ‘ Choosing the best Dairy coding solution’.

    Dairy manufacturers across the globe rely on Linx printers to deliver exceptional code accuracy and reliability – find out how:


    Protect your brand with accurate coding

    • Both your retail customers and end customers expect an accurate, indelible date and batch code; poor print could damage your brand and incur scrappage costs or fines
    • The Linx range of Special Adherence inks includes a Black grease-penetrating ink 1063 (for Linx CIJ printers). This penetrates a light layer or condensation or grease on glass or plastic containers for butter, margarine or spread, leaving a clear code which stays in place Find out more
    • Linx laser coders mark at high speeds with high resolution leaving a permanent mark on card, coated foil, glass and plastic
    • The Linx IJ355 and IJ375 produce high quality, large character print onto secondary packaging – accurately reproduce logos to support your brand and save on label printing.

    Reliable and efficient operation in chilled and wet production environments

    • Stainless steel, IP55-rated enclosures as minimum on both the Linx 8900 and Linx CSL60 laser systems resist water ingress and maximise your production uptime
    • Tough, flexible printhead conduit designed to cope with repetitive actions such as traversing across lines of products
    • Meet the current and future food safety legislation and standards with the Linx 8900 which prints up to five lines of code, barcodes and logos, and includes a carton coding function for secondary packaging. Print onto multiple product types and in different orientations

    Increase your productivity with flexible coding solutions

    • Print across multiple lanes of products such as yoghurt or dessert pots with a traversing printhead unit. Dynamic invert/reverse print function on the Linx 8900 enables printing in both directions of the traverse
    • The Linx CSL60 laser coder has the largest marking field on the market for wide web applications, and can mark several lines of permanent code onto each product in one pass
    • Meet customer deadlines with high speed printing on line speeds up to 6.25m/s with the Linx 8940
    • Maximise uptime between multiple SKUs with quick, error-free code changeovers. Line setups can be stored and retrieved for repeat work
    • Drive your OEE with built-in, real-time output measurement features with clear, on- or off-target alerts
    • Self-cleaning printheads – to ensure clean startups, first time every time, and which deliver consistent code quality
    • Self-servicing and quick, clean cartridge refills keep your downtime to a minimum


     Coding & Marking essentials for the Dairy Industry


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