Snack Foods
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Key Benefits

  • Simple, easy-to-use coders
  • Flexible coders that can print barcodes, data matrix, expiry information and text as well as graphics and logos
  • Reduce costs and save time with low-maintenance coders
  • Meet EU country of origin food labelling regulations with clear, reliable coding

Snack Food Coding

The snack food industry is changing as on-the-move snacks grow in popularity, and recent legislation developments mean there is an increased need for messaging and branding on Retail Ready Packing (RRP) such as boxes and shelf packaging.

Coded information on RRP should include expiry date details and batch codes for traceability. In December 2014 EU Country of Origin Labelling Regulations were implemented. This legislation set out that food labelling should be 'clear, comprehensible and legible'.

Snack foods manufacturers need to be increasingly flexible in order to avoid costly downtime. Linx understands that in order to maximise profitability downtime must be minimal, which is why you can rely on easy-to-install Linx coders to help control costs whilst maintaining accuracy, and help you meet food information regulations.


Ease of use straight out of the box

The need to minimise downtime in order to maximise profitability means coders have to be quick and simple to set up. Our Linx TJ725 coder saves time by being easy to install straight out of the box. The Linx 10 CIJ printer is compact and portable. and incorporates a simple to use, colour touch-screen. The intuitive interface means you can further reduce downtime by not having to read complicated, lengthy manuals.

Our coders include step-by-step message creation and editing, along with on-screen prompts and troubleshooting guides which allow you to work more efficiently.


Coding which meets food labelling regulations

As a result of EU Food Labelling Regulations 2014, less space is left on primary packaging for promotion. Food labelling requirements have led to RRP, such as boxes for retail shelves, now including branded messages, standardized logos, and iconography to allow your products to stand out on the shelf!


Direct printing vs pre-printing

Save money by replacing preprinted boxes or labels with a Linx large character coder. Linx large character coders can code large, high resolution graphics onto secondary packaging, as well as batch codes, barcodes and readable 2D codes. As well as printing graphics for on-shelf branding, these printers can also print traceability information. High quality coding with a Linx coder means your products' path can be tracked, you conform to legislation, avoid fines and give reassurance to retailers.


Reduce costs with low maintenance coders

Save your business time and money with a Linx coder which is easy to maintain! Our range of Linx 10 and Linx 8900 CIJ printers are all self-service, and the Linx TJ725 coder combines ink and printhead in one cartridge, which makes it cleaner and easier to replace, further lowering your costs.

Low maintenance coders can save your business a lot of downtime, whilst their ability to be flexible, printing both primary and secondary codes, saves time and money.