Tobacco Printing – Micro Character Continuous Inkjet Printers & Coders

For decades, tobacco brands have been looking to Linx for high-quality coding and marking solutions. Our unique range of high-speed, micro-character, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing and laser marking solutions are specifically designed to meet your coding and marking needs.

We offer a broad range of coding solutions for the reliable marking of tobacco products, be it discreet, anti-counterfeiting marking measures or the high-speed coding of complex messaging. All of our coders can be easily integrated into your existing workflow with little interruption or downtime.

Permanent, traceable coding

Marking product packaging allows tobacco manufacturers to protect their reputation and guard against counterfeit products. Our UV-readable CIJ inks are durable but discreet, making it easy to add subtle anti-counterfeit marking to tobacco packaging.

Linx laser coders provide permanent coding at high speeds, without compromising the integrity of your packaging. Whether you are coding onto film, card or even metal, Linx has a laser to meet your needs.

Meet production targets with high-speed coders

The tobacco industry is highly competitive, with tobacco brands often requiring complex coding and fast output in order to stay ahead. Keep up with demand by choosing one of our high-speed CIJ coders, like the Linx 8940. 

Tobacco manufacturers looking for a laser solution should consider the Linx CSL60, one of the fastest laser coders in its class. It is ideal for applying complex codes – like the 2D Data Matrix code – as well as for printing quality logos on premium tobacco packaging.

Easy integration into production lines

Linx equipment is quick to set up and easy to use.. Printers integrate easily into existing packaging lines, and the printheads can be easily adjusted to code in any orientation. Our coders have simple, intuitive interfaces so you can spend less time learning how to use them and more time coding. You can be up and running with very little effort.

Our coders can print on all substrates commonly used by the tobacco industry, including:

  • Coated or uncoated, hard or soft card cartons 
  • Flexible plastic pouches 
  • Coated metal tins 
  • Secondary packaging 
  • Film wraps  - Laser coders are particularly suited to coding in the Tobacco industry:  they are able to penetrate the film, coding directly onto the packaging beneath without harming the integrity of the film wrap.

To find out more about coding and printing solutions for the tobacco industry, contact us today for a consultation and demo.