Glass Printers Provide Solutions For Glass Coding

Linx has a range of printing technologies and solutions for coding and marking on to both wet and dry glass. Whether you require an indelible identification code, or one that can be removed before re-use, Linx has the product identification glass marking solution for you.

For internal traceability and anti-counterfeiting of high value goods, our Linx UV readable inks for Linx continuous inkjet printers provide a reliable printing solution for glass marking.

Our range of laser coders includes models for permanent coding and marking of both hot and cold glass, and includes robust models designed to operate in the extreme conditions of glass manufacturing plants.

Linx has worked in the following industries using their glass marking technology;

Beverage Packaging

Automotive Coding

Dairy Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Linx glass marking systems are complete solutions which quickly and cost effectively resolve your need to mark your glass product. Whether you are looking to print onto glass using adhesive inks, or etch directly into the surface of the glass, Linx has the printing solutions capable to complete any such work.