Linx Printing Technologies offer expert product identification solutions for plastic marking including:

  • Linx inks for enhanced adhesion, specifically designed to adhere to printing on a wide variety of plastics such as PVC, nylon , OPP, PP and PE
  • Linx pigmented inks ideal for high contrast coding and marking of light or dark materials such as plastic cables or extrusions. Pigmented Linx inks that retain their clarity for years, even if the printed plastic products are stored outside
  • The Linx CSL60 is a High powered laser coder for hard to mark plastics

Linx Black PE Ink 1130 offers excellent adhesion to polyethylene (PE) and most polypropylene (PP) applications, and is suitable for non-contact food packaging in line with Swiss Ordinance 817.023.021, the European reference for food packaging inks.

Linx Black PE Ink 1130 provides excellent print quality and is fast drying to deliver clear, readable codes in even the harshest of production environments. 

Find out more about Linx printing inks for plastic materials. 

Linx has worked in the following industries using their plastic printing technology; 

Beverage Packaging

Wire Cable Extrusions

Electronics Coding

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Cosmetic & Toiletries Printing

Chemicals Marking

Linx plastic marking systems are complete solutions which quickly and cost effectively resolve your need to mark your plastic product.

Download the Linx Special Adherence Inks datasheet

Download the Linx Contrasting Inks datasheet