Linx accessories

Linx offers best of class product identification coding equipment: continuous ink jet printers, laser coders and impulse jet outer case coders. To support our commitment to quality, we provide a range of robust and reliable industrial marking accessories.

Each industrial marking accesory has been designed to integrate easily into the working production line environment and to cater for the wide range of coding and marking needs likely to be encountered by Linx printers and coding equipment.

Our range of industrial marking accessories includes:

  • Bolt on kits and Mobile kits - allow you the freedom to position the printer and printhead for the best possible print quality
  • Wash station - the simplest way to clean the printhead of what is already the cleanest and most reliable CIJ printer on the market!
  • Stacker table - compact and convenient it reduces the space needed for your CIJ printers
  • Mountings for printers, coders and printheads
  • Alarm beacons
  • Shaft encoders
  • Product sensors
  • Interfacing and software accessory products

The new short reach right angle printhead enables industrial marking in tight spaces on the production line, or where coding equipment needs to be integrated with the packaging machinery, such as bagging applications.