Linx SL1 Compact Laser Coder
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SL1 - view from bottom
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Key Benefits

  • Affordable laser coding with no consumables
  • Designed to deliver enhanced reliability and longer operating lifetime than equivalent lasers
  • Mix text, logos and machine-readable codes in a single message
  • Compliment your packaging designs with a wide range of fonts
  • Robust stainless steel enclosure
  • Easy installation into tight production lines

Linx SL1 10w Compact Laser Coder

The Linx SL1 is a compact, cost effective coder, designed to fit easily into production environments where space is constrained. The Linx SL1 scribing laser coder is highly flexible, with the ability to print a wide range of message types, including multiple lines of high quality text, logos and machine readable codes.


Fast, Flexible Coding Without the Cost

Thanks to an ultra-fast, lightweight mirror system, the Linx SL1 is much faster than other lasers in its class, using much less laser energy while coding, but delivering 20% more power. The result is longer laser tube life, reducing the unit’s total cost of ownership, as well as improving the unit’s reliability.

With no routine servicing or consumables, the lifetime costs of the Linx SL1 laser coder is favourable compared to other types of printer, with no variable costs.

The Linx SL1 is fast and highly flexible, with the ability to print two lines of code and a logo in the same time it takes equivalent coders to print just two lines of text.


Simple and Robust To Suit Any Production Line

The Linx SL1 is one of the most compact single-box, laser coding solutions on the market, allowing it to be installed with ease into tight areas. Weighing just 12.5kg, the unit takes just a single operator to move it into position.

The provision of four mounting points, down and straight shooter options and four different lenses means the Linx SL1 can be positioned in a wide variety of ways to suit any kind of product or packaging coding. 

With four different lenses, the Linx SL1 also provides a wider range of marking fields than equivalent laser coders – code larger areas, or at faster speeds, or position the laser at a wider range of distances to the product.

The stainless steel enclosure adds more strength than other, plastic-based coders and provides added reliability in busy production environments.


High Quality Coding

With the ability to print multiple lines of text, logos and machine readable codes in a single message, the Linx SL1 is more versatile than other coders in its class. In addition to this, a wide range of fonts are supported, ensuring your codes perfectly compliment your packaging designs and branding.

The unit supports widely used 2D code standards including QR codes and dot matrix codes such as DotCode for the tobacco industry. All coding is permanent, making the Linx SL1 ideal for high value goods such as spirits or tobacco, which are susceptible to counterfeiting.

Using our LinxDraw® software, message creation and management is quick and easy. Coding can be created from a template on or offline, which can then be securely downloaded onto the laser when required. This makes a significant change from other coders with inflexible, built in user interfaces.

Integrated Ethernet connectivity and ‘good shot’ and ‘bad shot’ production line signals means the unit can be monitored in real time from a central location, offering customer confidence in laser operation and coding quality, reducing the need for manual checks.

Technical Specification


  • Ethernet (TCP/IP, 100Mbit LAN), RS232, digital I/Os
  • Inputs for encoders and product detector triggers
  • I/Os for the signals, start, stop, error, job select (32 different templates), trigger, encoder, ready to mark, marking, shutter closed and machine/user interlocks


Graphics-orientated user interface for intuitive and fast preparation of complete code templates on PCs

  • System configuration
  • Text/data/graphics/editor
  • Configurable in several languages
  • Easy access to standard CAD and graphic programs via import functions
  • Password-protected security levels

Technical Data

  • Sealed CO2 laser, power class 10W
  • Laser wavelength - 6 μm, 4 focusing lenses
  • Laser class - 4 (according to IEC 60825-1:2007)
  • Languages - English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
  • Options - Beam shield, Exhaust unit, Product detector, Encoder, Stand, dual interlock safety module, Controller
  • Standard - Start and stop keys with safety switch
  • LED indicators for status, laser emission, error
  • Electrical requirements 100 – 120V, 200 – 240V, Autorange 1PH, 350 VA, 50/60 Hz
  • Cooling - internally air-cooled
  • Ambient temperature - 5 – 35ºC
  • Humidity range - 10 – 90 %, non-condensing
  • Weight -marking unit approx. 12.5 kg
  • Enclosure - stainless steel

Marking Formats

  • Standard fonts (Windows® TrueType®/TTF; PostScript®/PFA, PFB; OpenType®/OTF)
  • Individual fonts such as high-speed or OCR
  • Machine-readable codes: Bar codes: BC25,BC25I, BC39, BC93, EAN 8, EAN 13, BC128, EAN 128,
  • Data matrix 2D codes: ECCOOO, ECC050, ECC080, ECC100, ECC140, ECC200, ECC PLAIN, QR
  • Graphics/graphic components, logos, symbols, etc. (the most common file formats such as DXF, JPG,
  • AI can be imported)
  • Linear, circular, angular text marking; rotation, reflection, expansion, compression of marking contents
  • Sequence & serial numbering; automatic date, layer, time coding, real-time clock; online coding of Individual data (weight, contents, etc.)

Technology Guide
Related Accessories

Linx accessories are designed to enable correct integration of the Linx SL1 coder with your production line. For unusual or challenging set-ups, our customer engineering department can build customized solutions to suit every application.

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