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Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ)

The thermal inkjet printers provide a high resolution digital alternative to roller coders, valvejet and other industrial printers. The wide range of inks cartridges available make them suitable for coding onto boxes, trays, sleeves and plastic packaging materials.

Cartridge ink systems with thermal inkjet printers mean there is no servicing or maintenance requirement. Thermal inkjet printing is a fast, clean and efficient solution.



Linx TJ50

Reliable, connected and high performance This versatile thermal ink jet solution is designed to print text, graphics and machine-readable codes on demanding applications in high-speed environments.  The easy database connectivity eliminates errors and makes operation simple.

Key Benefits:

  • Can print Datamatrix codes
  • Database connectivity
  • Eliminate coding errors
  • Rapid dry time & good adhesion
  • Next generation overlapping nozzle technology