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Key Benefits

  • Reduce production costs by removing labels and reducing SKUs on pre-printed packaging
  • Reduce your consumable costs by reducing ink wastage
  • Error-free coding to maximise uptime and reduce wasted product
  • Clear and crisp text and graphics with high resolution printing
Technology Overview

In our piezo-based Inkjet Coders (PIJ printers), a sophisticated printhead holds ink in multiple nozzles, and ink droplets are expelled on demand to create characters on a moving substrate.

Piezoelectric crystals are used to propel the oil-based ink droplets

A case coder PIJ printer can print to a high-resolution quality, and are versatile enough for use on a variety of surfaces and materials. PIJ printers are easy to set-up and adjust, their reliability and predictable cost of ownership endear them to production lines in a range of industries. Case coders are particularly well-suited for printing variable information onto secondary packaging – such as cardboard boxes for food, drink, household and when coding pharmaceutical products. These outer cases usually require text and graphics which are easy to see.

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