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Linx range of marking solutions strengthened in India with Linx 8300

Linx Printing Technologies has launched the Linx 8300, the affordable, entry-level Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer capable of printing up to 3-lines of coding in a wide range of food and non-food FMCG production environments.  Designed to deliver superior reliability, simple operation and consistent performance, this launch complements the successful 8800 and 8900 series printers already established in India.


The new Linx 8300 model is capable of printing traceability codes on porous and non-porous materials in a variety of environments, including oily surfaces and after cooking, with a temperature range of 5-45oC.  This is where the fast-drying inks truly demonstrate their robust capability and ensure rework and wastage is kept to a minimum. 


The printer’s simple design allows quick and easy set up, and produces good quality, clear characters for long-lasting batch, date, part numbers, logos and barcodes.  Minimal user training is required and together with password-protected functions and configurable user access, this enables fewer mistakes to be made, resulting in cost savings and greater uptime.


With its stainless-steel enclosure and print head cover, the Linx 8300 performs at a wide range of temperatures and delivers a hassle-free and reliable operation.    Automatic printhead cleaning is controlled by the user to provide clean starts when required.  The on-screen fluid level indicators alert the operator to maintain a continuous consumables supply.  The refill process is clean and mistake-free (using 0.75 litre septum sealed cartridges) and can even be carried out during printing.  


Its intuitive user interface with a large high-resolution colour touch screen and unambiguous icons, makes code set up and selection quick and easy.  Its message change function allows for simple editing with drag and drop field positioning and without having to re-type messages or navigate through multiple screens when changing batches or products. 


The printer can store up to 100 messages using the internal printer memory (depending on message content), and more can be stored using a USB storage device, which is useful for copy and back up of messages and for easy transfer of messages, graphics and logos between printers.


With a character height ranging from 2mm to 7.5mm, it has a maximum print speed of 2.5m/s for a single line of code.  With the printer’s consistent performance, it is capable of printing up to 420 products a minute with clear and readable codes.


 “By constantly listening to our customers, we have introduced the Linx 8300 to meet their needs for an enhanced, reliable and easy to use coding solution producing clear and accurate, long lasting codes” said Senior Global Product Manager, Charles Randon. “This new model enhances our range of CIJ printers in India, delivering future-proof capability with superior reliability at a competitive price.  It is the ideal entry level coder for coding onto consumer products.”


Overall, the Linx 8300 printer is a hard-working, affordable unit, which delivers superior reliability, is simple to operate and achieves consistent performance in a wide range of production environments. 

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