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Printing on Plastic Pipes and Extrusions

A manufacturer of plastic or metal extrusions needs a coding and marking system that can work in a continuous production line generally 24x7. Such a system requires printer that can reliably print crisp, clean codes and also remain flexible to meet the variety of materials manufacturers might produce. Any stoppages or line speed changes can lead to expensive waste. 

Linx offers both continuous inkjet printers and laser coders which provide quick and simple code changes - less downtime compared to contact printing systems, while clear coding meets industry and international code standards.



CIJ coders for plastic and metal extrusion

Whether you are looking for simple product name or logo, part number, or international standards marking, Linx systems offer versatile coding for the extrusion industry to include:

  • the printing of logos, text, and large codes for extrusions
  • high quality codes onto curved surfaces
  • inks adhere to the substrates and withstand any post production treatments

Lower cost of Operations. Linx printers help to lower costs through:

  • quick and accurate code change overs, reducing scrappage
  • ease-of-use ensuring less manual errors and therefore minimal downtime. 

Our printers are sought after in the plastic and metal extrusion segment because of the durability which results in reliable operation in tough production environments and are designed to minimise servicing needs at the same time as reducing solvent use. This results in high uptime and a low cost of ownership.

Accuracy. Printing must be accurate, and codes must be clearly legible as well as permanent to meet regulation requirements. Our products deliver:

  • accurate code placement anywhere you need it, onto a range of substrates including plastics and rubber. 
  • wider diameters will allow for a greater print area, Linx's high-resolution printers can print small, legible, characters onto narrow pipes too
Key benefits of Linx continuous inkjet printers
  • Print batch codes, regulatory markings, manufacturer's name, logo, QR code, product identification    
  • High speed printing
  • Easy to use interface reducing error while input data, simple to insert text or logos into messages
  • Simple self-service with up to 24 months between services - no engineer required
  • Quick-change fluid cartridges     
  • Fast dry along with a range of ink types and colours for both consumer and industrial marking           

Laser coders for metal extrusions

Linx laser coders support high-speed metal extrusion lines with high precision marking. Print sharp, indelible codes onto pipes and profiles. They integrate well into tight manufacturing lines using flexible mounting positions or custom installation designs.

Key benefits of Linx laser coders
  • Reduce running costs and delays with 45,000* hour tube life – one of the longest on the market
  • Over 20,000 different configurations to economically meet your coding requirements
  • Service intervals typically twice that of the industry standard
  • Flip, mirror or curve text – easily code onto difficult shapes
  • Multiple beam delivery options allow for coding in any orientation
  • Reduce your coding errors and meet coding regulations with password controls that can restrict access to qualified personnel only

Get in touch to see how Linx can support your plastic and metal coding and marking needs.

We can arrange:

  • free sample marking service
  • free demonstration of our printers
  • reference sites of other companies in the plastic and metal extrusion industry 


Extrusions Coding & Marking Solutions

Extrusions Coding & Marking Solutions

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Linx Contrasting Inks Datasheet

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Special Adherence Inks Datasheet

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