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MRP Printing Machines

Linx automatic MRP coding machines offer a full range capabilities

According to the Indian Consumer Goods Act, 2006, a maximum retail price refers to the price at which the product shall be sold in the retail market, and this price shall include all taxes levied on the product. The policy makes it mandatory for manufacturers to print the MRP on the packages of consumer goods. A bottle of water, for instance, which has an MRP of ₹10 cannot be sold above that price, legally.

Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printing is an essential part of production processes, particularly in the food and beverage industries, where goods are in packaged form.  


MRP Printers

Linx industrial price printing machines can automatically print MRP among other essential codes like batch number, expiry date etc.

With a Linx MRP printer you can ensure consistently readable codes.


MRP Coding Machines

Inkjet MRP Printer

Linx CIJ coders are ideal for mrp printing onto a variety of substrate types. Renowned for their flexibility, clean operation and reliability to cope with long hours of operation.

The most customizable option with inks that can be applied to nearly any substrate

Inkjet Coders

Thermal Transfer MRP Printer

Ideal for coding onto film, pouches and other flexible packaging. Can function well in either fast moving continuous or intermittent production lines.

The unique design of our thermal transfer printers delivers a clean and user-friendly operation, ideal for mrp coding on a range of substrates including plastic films, flat packaging, label stock, plastic, and foil

Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Laser MRP Printer

Laser is one of the most reliable, versatile, and cost-efficient marking methods available. Indelible marks for the even the most highly regulated industries.

With accuracy guaranteed laser coders are a great option for high speed mrp marking.

Laser Coders

MRP Printing Applications

MRP Printing on Bottles

Consistent MRP printing on plastic, cartons, pouches and glass

MRP printing on pouches

Reliable MRP printing on dairy pouches and containers

MRP Printing

High quality MRP printing to meet food coding and marking standards

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