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A key element of your line is your coding and marking equipment. Traceability in the UK cosmetics industry is covered by the Regulation 1223/2009 with came into effect in 2013. All products must bear indelible, easily legible and visible written information on the container/outer packaging or sometimes both. In addition there are over 40 natural and organic standards for cosmetics across Europe, so your coding solution needs to be able to meet all of these.

With the innovative new Linx 8900 CIJ coder you can benefit from maximised line efficiency, and minimised errors wastage. Read on to find out more about how this printer can help you improve your operation.

Reliable coding is essential for businesses. The Linx 8900 is designed to offer a simple way of achieving the production line uptime you require. Find out more about how our latest CIJ coder can reduce line stoppages and unplanned downtime.

Laser codes can’t be rubbed off, making them the ideal solution for traceability and anti-counterfeiting. With our newest Linx FSL20 and Linx FSL50 Fibre Laser Marking Systems you can create a permanent mark on a wide range of materials. Read on to find out more.

At Linx Printing Technologies we are making permanent coding more reliable than ever with our new fibre laser coders: the Linx FSL20 and the Linx FSL50.

When it comes to contract packaging, companies are increasingly looking to consolidate their code printing requirements. Requiring multiple devices to print onto different sizes and substrates is costly and inefficient. Companies now need to offer a full service solution to be relevant and competitive.

The contract packing industry is thriving. But a strong market inevitably brings strong competition. Many consumer packaged goods manufacturers look to outsource processes not core to their business, and so contract packers need to be competitive to either keep or acquire business.

New innovation means the snack foods industry is thriving, with this in mind find out how to cut costs and minimise downtime on your production line.

Read what EU Country of Origin Regulations mean for the snack foods industry, and how you can improve profitability whilst remaining compliant.

Downtime means missed production targets. Especially when you are running your line all day, every day.

So how can you increase the uptime of your line? One of the most cost effective ways is to assess your coding solution. Here are 3 easy ways to do this.

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