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How to Increase Profitability of Chemicals with Small Changes on the Production Line

As with other types of chemicals manufacturing, the profitability of chemicals manufacturing can be improved with small changes on the production line. 
Whilst the chemicals industry experiences slow growth due to rising energy costs, the strong dollar and a fluctuating oil price, companies are looking to improve profits by making small changes on their production lines.

An ideal area to cut costs is with your product coders, since they come right at the end of the production line. Because products require legible coding to be applied before they can be sold, any slowdowns here can cause production delays. Below, we’ll look at some ways you can improve the profitability of your chemicals production line in this area.

Reduce Unnecessary Downtime

Whenever your production line stops, your overall equipment effectiveness reduces, with fixed costs remaining constant while no products are produced. That means there must be no weak links in your line, as all equipment must be operating for the line to run effectively.

Your product coders are no exception. If your coder needs to shut down, for example for maintenance, your other machinery will also need to be shut down. As a result, it’s essential to choose a coder that’s designed for continual operation. Linx coders offer this, thanks to long service intervals and a range of self-service options.

Minimize Set up Time

Set up time is another area where savings can be made to improve the profitability of chemicals manufacturing. Excessive set up time can eat into production times, a problem common with manufacturers who switch between different ranges of chemicals on the same production line each day. As a result, choosing a coder which can switch between product lines quickly can really help to reduce downtime.

Key to this is using a coder with an intuitive user interface, making it quicker and easier to set up a new product run. Touch screens with menus and layouts similar to smart phones make the user experience simpler and quicker, reducing errors and downtime.

A printer which can do more than one job, and be quickly moved between lines gives you more flexibility in your coding capabilities.  Linx CIJ printers can print multiple lines of batch code, dates, logos and barcodes as well as coding in different orientations.  This saves time in setting up different printers depending on demand, as well as rationalizing equipment inventory, as one ink could be used for most applications.

Reliability is Essential to Cut Costs

While it is important to manage scheduled down time for maintenance, unscheduled downtime such as breakdowns also needs to be reduced, by choosing a coder that can operate reliably for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Considering your production environment is essential for picking a suitable solution, whether that’s dusty, wet or clinical conditions. Linx offer a range of coders with different IP ratings, for example the Linx 8900 Series, which is available as an IP65 rated option for protection against dust, while our IP55 rated coders protect against the ingress of water, either during production or a washdown.

Chemical resistance is another factor to consider, to ensure coding stays put whatever your end customers’ requirements are. With a choice of laser or ink coding, you can be sure your codes stay put no matter what the material is.

Linx’s non-contact coding options also ensure that different product and packaging shapes and materials can be coded on successfully, such as the base of aerosols, or curved bottles.  Linx CIJ coders are available with a wide range of ink types, for durable printing onto a multitude of packaging materials such as HDPE, PET as well as cardboard and labels. Colored pigmented inks in blue, yellow, black or white enable printed codes to stand out on several different colored substrates, To find out the best ink for your application simply ask for the Linx sample marking service.

Next Steps

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