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Cut Costs And Reduce Downtime With Our New Fibre Laser Coders

At Linx Printing Technologies we are making permanent coding more reliable than ever with our new fiber laser coders: the Linx FSL20 and the Linx FSL50.

Our new Fiber Laser Marking Systems create a permanent mark on a product, and can code on to a wide range of materials including plastic, metal and packaging foils; making them the ideal solution for traceability and anti-counterfeiting in industries such as medical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and automotive.

With a range of advantages on offer, read on to find out how our newest additions could benefit you.

Fiber Lasers Offer Reliability

Maintenance results in costly downtime, with production lines coming to a halt. The reliability of a fiber laser marking system cuts downtime caused by maintenance, in turn saving on costs and improving profitability.

Linx fiber lasers are built for reliability with the laser source lasting more than 100,000 hours, allowing these marking machines to go longer between services, resulting in more profitability. The IP54 rating means the laser marking heads are reliable in a wide range of environments, including warm, dusty conditions.These key features mean downtime is significantly reduced.

Efficiency Features Which Save On Costs

Ease of use with LinxDraw® software makes message creation quick and easy, saving you time on product setup and changeovers meaning downtime is reduced.

Another key efficiency feature is the fiber lasers' internal air cooling system. This saves on costs compared to water cooled systems or compressed air supplies, as it means machines are maintenance-free and downtime is kept to a minimum. The internally air cooled laser is more energy efficient too.

Further Capabilities

A benefit of opting for a fiber laser marking machine over other coding solutions is that there are no consumables, no cleaning needed and no rejected codes with their associated costs. What's more, our fiber lasers are small and compact allowing them to be easily integrated into the production line. Two beam orientation options allow the laser head to swivel, so the coder can fit into tight spaces on both moving and static applications.

Linx fiber lasers come with unrestricted coding applications so you can mark a range of fonts, codes and graphics over multiple lines and unlimited areas. Very small codes are possible due to the fine spot size; and large amounts of information can be coded into small areas.

Future Proofing
The ability to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and consequently save on costs is sure to result in great gains for the future of your company. Our fiber laser marking systems are designed for long life so you benefit from lower costs for longer, and by allowing you to code onto a wide range of materials means Linx fiber laser coders future proof your business.

Linx fiber laser marking systems are able to meet your future coding needs, saving you cost on new machines. Contact us today to find out more about the FSL20 and FSL50 laser coders.