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Fiber Laser for Anti-Counterfeiting and More

Laser codes can’t be rubbed off, making them the ideal solution for traceability and anti-counterfeiting. With Linx Fiber Laser Marking Systems you can create a permanent mark on a wide range of materials including rubber, plastic, metal and packaging foils.

Fiber Lasers for Permanent Traceability

Traceability gives consumers confidence, and improves the accountability of manufacturers. By producing indelible marks on products, fibre laser coders offer permanent traceability as well as a security measure against counterfeiting and tampering.

The Linx FSL20 and FSL50 fiber laser coders, are ideal for a wide range of static or moving applications. With steered beam fiber laser technology the coders can mark at extremely fast line speeds.

Achieve complete traceability with the very fine spot size which produces consistently high quality codes: ideal for applying anti-counterfeiting codes, in particular on small products such as electrical components.

Traceability onto a Wide Range of Materials

Both the FSL20 and FSL50 fiber laser marking systems offer the ability to code onto a wide range of materials including metal, plastics and packaging foils. The permanence of this marking offers complete traceability, meaning fiber lasers are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices and tools markets.

Complex Coding Capabilties

Our fiber lasers produce a well-refined beam quality for smoother marks – ideal for print areas that require small marks or lots of information. What's more they are capable of marking promotional codes, graphics over multiple lines as well as Data Matrix and 2D barcodes. With various functionality in one machine you can reduce downtime caused by product switchovers and line changes.