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Linx Printing Technologies have revolutionized the technology used in coding and marking products during the production process. We meet the expectations of manufacturers around the world in all aspects: reliability, speed, and flexibility of our applications.

Our versatile coding and marking printers are an integral part of production lines worldwide, supporting various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and personal care, electronics, wire and cable to name a few. We are the experts in industrial printing technologies, such as continuous inkjet (CIJ), industrial laser marking, thermal inkjet (TIJ), thermal transfer overprinters (TTO), and case coding solutions.

Discover how our printing machines support all applications, coding types and industries (H2)

Applications: Linx coding machines can be used for different applications. Our marking equipment can print directly onto plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, foil, wood, metal, and many other materials. Whichever substrate you want to print on, let us know and we can produce a sample to show you our high-quality marking suitable for your production needs.

Coding Types: Whether it is batch code printing, date coding or best by date printing you require; we offer versatility in coding and marking different messaging, traceability information and branding onto your products. Continuous inkjet, laser or large character marking, our printers ensure reliable and durable coding suitable even for the fast-moving production lines.

Industries: Linx machines are suitable for all industries. We work with many customers in food, beverage, manufacturing. We understand that different types of businesses have different needs. We tailor coding and marking solutions to your production environment to ensure highest quality of codes and cost saving without compromising quality.