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Printing on Film & Flow Wrap

Linx film marking printers are designed for printing date and batch codes on flexible packaging or glossy films. Our range of thermal transfer printers, robust continuous inkjet printers, and high-speed laser coders reliably ensure that your film products will have a clear code. 

Printing on flexible packaging can present many challenges such as code quality or damage to the packaging materials, but Linx technology is equipped with advanced functions that can rapidly print onto your film products without compromising quality.

Our range of industrial printers offer consistent, cost-effective and efficient solutions for printing on shrink and flow wrap, pouches, flexible plastic bags such as PVC or PPE films, and more.

Film Marking Coders

Printing on flexible materials requires technology that can ensure codes adhere to glossy and lightweight materials. Linx understands this challenge and has printers available that reduce the risk of coding errors while increasing the efficiency of your production line. 

Linx film printing machines are available for a variety of production line speeds, regardless of code complexity, and provide essential automation for traceability and manufacturing coding. 

We also understand that film printing is often needed in industries requiring specialist inks and print such as food grade, colored, or permanent marking. Our thermal transfer, CIJ, and laser printers are equipped to handle all of these industry coding requirements.


Manufacture & Expiration Dates

Film packaging is often used in industries that require expiration dates on their products. Linx film marking technology prints clear expiry dates on your products without compromising the materials inside. 

With specialist inks available such as FDA-approved food grade and colored inks, Linx has solutions for coding onto film packaged perishable goods.

Batch & Lot Codes

Most manufacturers require traceability codes on their products to ensure consumer protection. Linx printers offer permanent and quality lot coding printers to place durable codes on flexible packaged products. 

Our film marking systems safeguard your products in case of a product recall and our range of inks ensure your batch codes adhere to film packaging, even in harsh production environments. 

Barcodes & QR Codes

Manufacturers are quickly turning to QR & barcode printing to have all product traceability available with a quick scan of the code. This has become a popular on film packaged products such as snack food pouches, vacuum sealed meats, and shrink wrapped secondary packaging. 

Linx film marking coders make barcoding your products a simple process with user-friendly and cost-effective film printers. 

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Film Marking Machines

Whatever your flexible packaging, line speed and operating environment, Linx can provide you with a suitable traceability coders for film materials. Browse our different technologies from the options below:

Thermal Transfer

Designed for printing on glossy materials, plastic films, and labels without the use of compressed air

Inkjet printer for film

Inkjet Film Coders

Versatile continuous inkjet printing with specialist inks for various industry film applications 

Film laser coders

Laser Film Coders

Permanent laser coding printers able easily mark clear codes on difficult film applications 

Key benefits

  • Reliable operation in sterilized, humid, wet, or non-temperature controlled environments
  • User-friendly design
  • Up to IP65 ratings
  • Easy to use printers for accurate coding
  • Range of solutions for durable coding onto most materials

Industries that use Film Marking


Print legible codes on vacuum pouches and film trays without compromising your meat products. 

Snack Foods

Replace removable labels with direct printing on glossy snack food pouches, bags, and more.


Print date code and lot numbers on flexible packaging with Linx thermal transfer, laser, or CIJ technology


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