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Wire & Cable Marking

Linx provides high speed cable marking and wire printing solutions that code accurately using small characters for reliable traceability and product identification, even on fiber optic cables.

Whether you are producing ethernet or electrical cables, Linx coding and marking solutions ensure that your identification codes or brand markings will be clear and precise. With consistent printing on a range of materials we can ensure that your products meet internationally set wire and cable coding standards, using add-ons like meter marking software to place the code exactly where you need it.

The intuitive user interface ensures you have instant control over code creation and selection, and a link to a central PC further reduces the chance of operator error.

Printing on Cables

As well as providing clear product identification, Linx's non-contact cable and wire coders function quickly and are easy to use. Linx printers are built for reliability which means reduced downtime on your production line - enabling you to maintain high speed cable production. For faster changeover times, you can configure coding templates which enable quick and simple code changes for even less downtime.

We're proud of our code quality too, and know it can help you to reduce scrappage costs as it delivers robust and legible marking to avoid waste. Our wire printers use pigmented inks that provide clarity and contrast whatever the substrate color, and have excellent adhesion to the surface of almost any material.

For a truly permanent code we even have laser coding solutions - whatever your choice, we deliver light-fast codes that won't fade during storage or in end-use.

Wire & Cable Marking Systems

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Cable Marking Printers

Cable marking printer

Reliable and flexible production line coding and marking

Laser wire coders

Quality, permanent marking for high volume environments

Cable batch coding

Batch coding is a critical for traceability & product identification

Cable Marking Printer

Key Benefits

  • Robust traceability
  • Up to IP65 ratings
  • Reliable operation in hot, dusty, wet, or non-temperature controlled environments
  • Intuitive cable printers offer industry leading ease of use
  • Range of solutions for durable coding onto most materials


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Choosing The Best Wire & Cable Coding Solution

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