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Laser Coding

Laser marking machines provide a permanent coding solution that can deal with high resolution and high speed production line marking requirements. Ideal for batch or date coding, logo scribing or part marking.

Unlike other types of industrial coding and marking equipment, laser based marking can be used on static products as they do not require a moving production line. Due to their precise and permanent marking capabilities, laser markers can also be for high quality coding requirements such as brand protection marks on perfume & liquor bottles.

Laser Marking Machines

Linx offers two main types of laser marking machines, CO2 and fiber. Other than the laser frequency, the main uses for CO2 laser marking and fiber laser marking are:

  • CO2 lasers (SL, CSL, SLHP models), typically used for beverage bottles including PET, PVC, and also for marking packaging card and clear glass.

  • Fiber laser coders (FSL models) capable of marking products on faster production lines or with more complex coding or substrate requirements such as metals like steel and aluminium, and medication blister pack printing.

Sample Marking

Linx can test which laser coder works best for your requirements

We highly recommend sample marking to identify the most suitable laser marking machine for your requirements, use the form below to arrange yours or for any questions you may have about our laser marking equipment.

Contact our team to arrange sample marking for your products or for any questions regarding use of our laser coders

Linx SL1

Entry Level Laser Coder

Our cheapest and most compact scribing 10W laser coder but certainly not basic.

Packed with features such a wide range of message types, including multiple lines of high quality text, logos, and machine readable barcodes & QR codes.


Configurable Laser Coding

The fastest 10W CO2 scribing laser coder in its class. Designed for simple installation, ease of operation and suitable for PET scribing.

Configurable and extendable head position make it easy to integrate into production lines, while able to cope with harsh environments through IP certification.

Linx CSL30

Our Most Popular Scribing Laser

The industry standard, with a full range of additional configuration options. This 30W CO2 scribing laser coder can cope with marking complex codes on high speed lines.

A real work horse with low maintenance and no compromise on coding quality.

CSL60 on production line

Powerful Laser Coding

Powerful 60W laser for printing the most complex codes onto high-speed lines such as bottling, food, and personal care.

The widest range of configurations in the industry gives this coder greater flexibility to meet your exact coding requirements with no compromise on code quality, even on hard to mark materials.


Our Premium Laser Coder

The specialist Linx SLHP is a high power, 120W CO2 laser produces rapid, accurate, superior quality codes.

One of the quickest laser coders currently available, the SLHP can cope with the the fastest production line speeds while maintaining code readability/legibility.

Linx FSL20 and FSL50 range

Fiber Laser Coders

Linx FSL20 & FSL50 fiber lasers deliver a very fine spot size which creates excellent quality codes and copes with intricate coding requirements.

Fiber laser marking is ideal for coding bare metal surfaces including aluminium, steel and scribing foil backed materials.

Get in touch to discuss how Linx can support your coding and marking needs