Duc d'O

Linx supplies premium coding solution to top Belgian chocolatier

One of Belgium’s leading chocolate producers, who pride themselves on the quality of their chocolates, have now installed a Linx CIJ printer on each of their 18 production lines.

Duc d’O, based in Kruibeke, Belgium, produces 30 tons of chocolates each day. These premium chocolates range from liqueur pralines to the famous Duc d’O truffles, with 80% of all chocolates being exported to over 80 countries. All Duc d’O’s chocolates are made with 100% cocoa butter and all the fillings are made by Duc d’O themselves.

With quality being at the heart of their manufacturing, it was important that their choice of coder provided the best quality print, as well as meeting the hygiene and speed requirements of the production line.

Eight Linx 4900s, supplied by Linx’s Belgium distributor PRESA, have been added to the existing complement of Linx CIJ printers at Duc d’O, and are used to print traceability codes onto boxes of chocolates, at the rate of 160 boxes per minute.

The Linx 4900’s automated date and traceability software creates the date, with Duc d’O’s own production system providing the rest of the data for the traceability codes. The IP55 rating of the Linx 4900 means that the printers can be safely washed down with the rest of the production line equipment at the end of each shift.

The curved stainless steel enclosure allows liquids to run off without creating any ‘dirt traps’, thus meeting the company’s strict hygiene requirements.

The Linx 4900’s self cleaning printhead means that the printer is ready to print first time, every time, which gives Duc d’O a reliable printing solution with high quality codes.