Stretching the boundaries with Linx

Fabprene, based in Bolton, has been producing vulcanising rubber extrusions for over 30 years. The company designs, develops and manufactures elastometric extrusions and fabricated components for the automotive, glazing, building and construction industries.

The production line is made up of a continuous length of rubber extrusion operating at a speed of 40 metres per minute. Fabprene was looking for reliable and easy to use printers, so they purchased two Linx 4900s.

The Linx 4900 is capable of printing up to two lines of text and logos on high speed production lines and can print onto virtually any material. The codes measure between five and seven millimetres in height and indicates the customer name, product name and date.

The printer has a unique curved stainless steel case and an IP55 washdown rating, making it safe and clean to operate in all production environments. The Linx 4900 printers are used to code single lines of alpha numeric text onto rubber extrusions using Linx yellow pigmented ink 1039 to ensure clarity and contrast with the rubber.

In addition to needing reliable machines and quality codes, Linx was also chosen over two competitors because of the excellent customer service provided . There was also an opportunity to trial the printer on the production line before purchase.

“As a result of the trial, we were able to monitor the print quality and see what was involved in setting the printer up. We were very impressed with the Linx 4900 printer as it was able to do much more than we could possibly have imagined. Its most appealing feature was that it basically looked after itself, which improves production line efficiency.”

Fabprene have found the self cleaning printhead and automatic refill function to be a real bonus, as they do not require continuous assistance from the production line operators.

Joe Heywood, Product Development Manager at Fabprene, commented: “We needed printers that were reliable and produced quality codes. We also wanted printers that didn’t need continuous assistance from the production line operators, so features such as the self cleaning printhead and automatic refill function are a real bonus.”

Joe concludes: “We have never had a machine before which is so straightforward, all you need to do is switch it on and watch it print. All that is required of our operator is to position and select the text to be printed. The reliability of the Linx printers ensures maximum up-time on our production line.”