Soapworks Ltd 2

Relax - It's a Linx!

Established in 1988, Soapworks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Body Shop International. The company recently invested in two Linx 300SL scribing laser coders at its Glasgow site to code The Body Shop range of Home Fragrance oils.

The company previously blind embossed the codes onto polypropylene labels, but now applies traceability codes onto the heel of the glass bottles using the Linx 300SL units which, with their small spot size option, are ideal for the size of the glass bottles, as well as ensuring a permanent code.

According to David Ridland, Soapworks’ QC and Environmental Manager, the purchase of new laser coding technology demanded a system that “scored maximum points for reliability, ease of use and quality indelible codes that were not jeopardised by coming into contact with the fragrances that are bottled.”

The Linx laser coders have more than satisfied each of these requirements. David Ridland reports that both machines they purchased have performed faultlessly.

“We looked at competitor machines, but being a happy existing Linx customer and having used the company’s CIJ machines for the last few years, we know that Linx offers value for money as well as reliable machines that produce high quality codes. Therefore, Linx was the natural choice.”

Two Linx 300SL units, with the small spot size option, are used to code The Body Shop’s entire range of glass bottles containing Home Fragrance oils.

“We need hassle-free printers that are unobtrusive on the shop floor and simply ‘get on with it’. The Linx units are perfect for this and have never let us down” David Ridland, Soapworks Ltd.


At Soapworks a two or three shift production regime ensures that output can cope with consumer demand. Production is automated and comprises product filling, neck plugging and capping.

Typically, codes are made up of five 1.5mm x 1.3mm alphanumeric characters. Up to 2400 bottles are coded every hour. The Linx 300SL units are fixed to the filling lines immediately after the auto dropper filling and cap application. The bottles are then coded, have labels applied and are automatically collated.

Linx 300SL with small spot size option The Linx 300SL laser coder with the small spot size option (0.15mm) is ideal in applications requiring small discreet codes, fine graphics, or intricate characters without loss of quality or definition.

It is also suitable for more difficult to mark materials because of the higher energy density produced.Based on steered-beam laser technology, the Linx 300SL is suitable for a wide range of coding and marking applications on medium-speed production lines.

The Linx 300SL mid-powered system is more compact and lighter weight than other industrial laser coders in its class and delivers greater print performance.