Decantae Mineral Water

Decantae Mineral Water, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of premium bottled waters, is benefitting from quality printed code and machine reliability since the installation of Linx 8920 Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers.

The Linx 8920 printers use specialist ink, Linx Black bottling ink 1058, to print batch and best-before information onto both glass and PET bottles. The ink is able to print through any condensation on the bottles with a fast drying time, avoiding the danger of smudging and ensuring a high clarity, quality code in keeping with Decantae Mineral Water’s premium brand positioning.

The consistent, trouble-free operation of the Linx 8920s with minimal intervention has therefore been of huge benefit to Decantae Mineral Water, enabling the company to maintain output and meet demand, particularly vital during the busy summer months, as well as freeing up the engineer to carry out his regular duties.

“We are delighted with the Linx 8920s,” comments Decantae Mineral Water’s factory manager Mark Maberly.

“In terms of code quality, this is exactly in keeping with our brand values as a premium product, while the reliability of the printers helps to ensure that production throughput is consistently maintained.”