Espersen Lietuva UAB

Two Linx printers are meeting the exacting demands of Espersen Lietuva UAB, one of the most modern fish processing companies in Europe. The Danish-owned company is the largest producer of Baltic cod products in Lithuania. The products are made of fresh sea-caught and frozen cod and the plant’s production capacity is 25 tonnes per day.

A reliable Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer, ensuring good ink adhesion to plastic film under adverse working conditions of low temperatures, was required for the production plant, where large amounts of fish products are packed in plastic packaging and later labelled.

Having previously tested a Linx 7300 printer, the company already had a good impression of Linx products and distributor partner UAB Pralo, who provide support and maintenance services for Linx printers in Lithuania. Driven by the confidence in both the supplier and the manufacturer, the company once again turned to Pralo with a request to offer a new innovative solution.

After explaining its requirements and expectations, the company was offered a Linx 7900 CIJ printer. Its robust stainless steel casing and deep-drawn enclosure, plus an IP55 rating making it suitable for washdown, mean the Linx 7900 is a reliable solution for coding in challenging environments.

The Linx 7900 represents a new landmark in the evolution of CIJ printers. Its Linx Insight software allows remote monitoring and control of printer operation via computers or smartphones – with a few simple keystrokes on a PC or smartphone, operators can start, pause or stop the Linx 7900, change messages from pre-stored selections or download new ones. Only an internet connection is required.

The Linx 7900 is able to print up to five lines, thus allowing it to meet a wide variety of coding needs. In addition, the new ink system technology lets the printer run for up to 9,000 hours or 18 months between servicing.

The company also selected a Linx CJ400 CIJ printer – an unequalled solution which can easily be adapted to various production line requirements.

The printer is ergonomically designed, weighs just 13.5kg with fluids and can easily be carried between production lines. The Linx CJ400 prints up to 3 lines of information using 2-20mm high symbols and letters onto almost any porous or non-porous surface.

Thanks to its Easi-Change® service module, printer maintenance can easily be performed without great effort or investment – the owner of the printer can take care of it without the need for technical maintenance specialists.

Linx printers have met the most exacting demands of Espersen Lietuva – to label boxes with 20mm letters (Linx CJ400) and fish packages using text of up to five lines (Linx 7900). The Linx Insight software, enabling remote printer status view via mobile phone or PC, has also made the work significantly easier.

“Linx printers are able to operate under the difficult conditions that are typical of our work. Currently, the printers fully meet our needs – we do not have any complaints,” affirms Karolis Tamošauskas, Chief Energy Specialist at Espersen Lietuva UAB.