New Millen

Based in São Paulo,  Brazil, New Millen has experienced an increase in productivity, thanks to the installation of a range of Linx coding solutions.

New Millen manufactures food supplements for the health and fitness industry, and is one of the leading companies in the market, having been established over 30 years ago, and priding themselves on their modern industrial plant.

Supplements such as soups and powders are packaged into plastic tubs, sachets and bottles, which are then placed into card secondary boxes.

The products are then coded using Linx CJ400 and 8900 CIJ coders to print batch codes onto primary packaging such as powder sachets.

Linx TT5 Thermal Transfer Overprinter prints data onto plastic flow wrap labels before they are applied to the tubs.

Finally, more detailed information including barcodes is applied to the secondary card boxes with a Linx IJ355 outer case coder.

Linx was selected through an internal approval process where the focus was value for money.  New Millen has also been impressed with the minimal maintenance required by the Linx equipment, meaning their productivity has increased. 

New Millen has also enjoyed an efficient, personalised service from Linx’s distributor, Powercoding.