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Arabic language added to enhance the Linx TIJ coder range

Linx Printing Technologies has strengthened its range of TIJ coders with the launch of Arabic language options for its range of thermal ink jet (TIJ) printers.

Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries and has nearly 300 million native speakers.

Simon Millett, Product Manager for Secondary Markets & Inks, said: “This launch of an Arabic option for our popular TJ20 and TJ50 printers shows our continuing commitment to our partners in the Middle east and Africa.

The success of the range is built around the targeting two clearly identifiable groups of fast-growing customers, making the product easy to sell. The Linx TJ20 model is simple to use, affordable and reliable. The Linx TJ50 targeted at customers printing machine readable DataMatrix and 1D barcodes with the database connectivity.”

See the TIJ coder range here