Linx CSL10
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Key Benefits

    • Fastest 10 W scribing laser coder in its class
    • High quality, permanent marking
    • Powerful processor for faster coding
    • Efficient use of laser power
    • Reduces running costs with a 45,000* hour tube life – one of the longest on the market
    • Detachable marking head and connectors for easy installation
    • Flexible configurations to meet your exact coding requirements

Linx CSL10 – Laser Marking

The Linx CSL10 is a high specification, 10 W CO2 scribing laser coder specially designed to be economical, yet versatile for a wide range of laser marking applications.

If you have a fast line with simple code requirements, or a slower line with a more complex code, then the Linx CSL10 offers you the most flexible solution for quality coding onto a wide range of materials.


  • Powerful processor relays the message from the control unit to the marking head quicker than previous models
  • Produces complex variable codes and dynamic messages even on high speed lines
  • Fast line speeds of up to 15 m/sec (900 m/min)
  • Marks up to 2000 characters/sec

More applications

  • With over 20,000 different configurations your Linx laser coder can be tailored to meet your coding needs and make the most economical use of your laser
  • Choose between 10.6 µm and 9.3 µm (ideal for PET) laser tubes for optimum coding on different substrates
  • VisiCode® setting for producing the clearest code on cold glass whilst enhancing the laser life by making the most efficient use of the laser tube


  • One of the longest tube lives on the market (average of 45,000 hours*), thanks to the unique way in which the Linx laser tube is controlled. Reduces your total cost of ownership
  • Service intervals typically twice that of the industry standard – keeps your line running for longer without interruption
  • IP54 or IP65 rating – maximum reliability and uptime in challenging environments
  • No expensive factory air for cooling - unlike many alternative laser coders – even in demanding environments with high ambient temperatures

Easier to integrate

  • Detachable marking head with quick disconnect cables makes integration into your line easier – even in tight spaces – and also reduces servicing time
  • Multiple beam delivery options allow for coding in any orientation
  • Choice of 3 m, 5 m or 10 m flexible conduit makes installation easier if the power source is not nearby
Technical Specification
  • CO2 scribing laser coder
  • Line speed - up to 900 m/min (code and substrate dependent)
  • Maximum laser output power at lens - 10W
  • Lens and head options (range):
    • Spot Size 0.09 mm – 1.12 mm
    • Marking Field 29 mm x 36 mm – 294 mm x 406 mm
    • Mark distance 385 mm
  • Number of lines of text - only limited by character size and marking field size
  • Character height - up to marking field size
  • Print rotation – 0-360°
  • Marking head rotation – 0-360°
  • Code options: date, time, static text, variable text, serial numbers, alphanumeric, shift codes, increment/decrement (batch count), ID Matrix 2D codes, barcodes, QR codes, graphics and logos, Julian dates, custom date and time formats
  • Laser tube wavelengths - 10.6 µm or 9.3 µm
  • Marking head options – 3 head options available as standard
  • Versatile Beam delivery options for easy integration into your production line:
    • Down (90°) or Straight (0°) Shooter
    • 360° Beam Extension Unit (BEU)
    • Variable length Beam Turning Unit (BTU)
  • IP rating - IP54 as standard, IP65 option
  • Air cooled - not factory air
  • Large volume gas tube can last in excess of 45,000* hours
  • Laser tube warranty – 2 years

*Tube life may vary according to application.

Technology Guide
Related Accessories

Linx accessories are designed to enable correct integration of the Linx CSL10 coder with your production line. For unusual or challenging set-ups, our customer engineering department can build customized solutions to suit every application.

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