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How The Right Coder Can Help Contract Packers Promote Growth

Successful contract packing companies act as extensions of their clients’ operations. To hold their own in such a competitive market, contract packers must position themselves not just for their own growth, but for the growth of the companies they work with. Our new products, the Linx 8920 and Linx 8940, can help with this.

Introducing the Linx 8920 and Linx 8940

The Linx 8920 and Linx 8940 are the simplest, most reliable CIJ printers in applications that need extra code content and faster production line speeds. Building on the ever-popular features of the Linx 8900, the Linx 8920 and Linx 8940 printers offer up to 50 named production lines, 5 lines of code, and faster printing — bringing even more functionality to your coding operations.

Opening new markets

If customers need to expand into new territories, or even feel like they may wish to do so in future, they need a packer who is equipped to accommodate that.

Successful businesses plan ahead, and will expect their contract packer to do the same. If your customers are thinking of exploring new overseas markets, either now or later down the line, they need a packer with the equipment, space and efficiency to deliver. Relationships are investments — of both time and money — and most companies will not waste either on partners that cannot grow with them.

With the option of including up to five lines of code, the Linx 8920 and Linx 8940 can help packers win and keep the business of brands with big export operations. The additional code capacity enables packers to include Country of Origin information and different languages, as well as staying future-proofed for changing legislation across international markets.

Increasing efficiency

Speed and accuracy make for efficient operations, and the Linx 8920 and 8940 CIJ coders offer both. A production line is only as fast as its slowest part, so having a fast and reliable coder is essential to preventing bottlenecks and backlogs.

Switch easily between lines

With the Linx 8920 and Linx 8940 you can now store up to 50 line configurations, such as line speed or print delay, and give them meaningful names, like ‘Mineral water 1l’ for easy identification. Plus, line configurations can be transferred between Linx 8900 Series printers with a USB, so setting up new lines is quick and easy.

The ability to switch easily between codes and to edit codes in seconds is particularly useful for contract packers as it allows for more flexible production and the ability to quickly change codes for different products and switch between lines — so you spend less time setting up and more time coding.

Intuitive design

The large touch-screen with bold, recognizable icons makes code creation and setup simpler than ever. When we first showed the Linx 8900 to new customers, they were able to create codes straight away, without any training or reference to manuals. If you can operate a smartphone, you can operate an 8900 Series coder.

Enhanced capabilities

As a contract packer, coding requirements can vary quite substantially from product to product. The enhanced print capabilities of the Linx 8920 and Linx 8940 printers ensure all these needs are met — with up to 5 lines of code, Data Matrix and QR codes.

A coder you can rely on

Advanced System Monitoring means you’ll be alerted in advance if preventative maintenance will be required, so you can schedule servicing when it’s convenient. Our customers operate our printers in a wide range of environments, and by continually tracking critical elements of the printer, Advanced System Monitoring allows them to avoid unexpected downtime and keep running reliably.

This allows the Linx 8920 and 8940 printers to run reliably between services, and contributes to the extended service intervals of up to 18,000 hours (24 months). Servicing is simply done by changing the service module, with no specialist skills required, no manual printer draining and no other mechanical parts to change.

The Linx 8920 and Linx 8940 printers allow contract packers to stay one step ahead of regulations and requirements and grow alongside their customers. And, by speeding and streamlining day-to-day coding operations, the new models can improve operations efficiency — so both you and your customers can enjoy the benefits.

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