Barcode Printing

Printing a clear barcode is an important component for many manufacturing processes. The ability to scan the barcode and have access to data is something that many industries rely on. Linx barcode printers ensure that all types of codes are consistently clear and meet the highest marking standards.

Linx printers have been designed to mark barcodes and datamatrix codes on a variety of substrates. You can replace expensive labels and avoid pre-printed packaging waste with barcodes, dates and batch numbers applied directly as part of the packaging process.

Laser Barcode Printers

One of the most reliable, versatile, and cost-efficient marking methods available. Indelible coding for the even the most highly regulated industries.

With permanent marking and accuracy guaranteed, laser coders are a great option for marking high quality barcodes.

Inkjet Barcode Printers

The most customizable option with inks that can be applied to nearly any substrate; even food safe inks for prints that come in direct contact with ingestible products.

Linx CIJ coders are renowned for their flexibility, clean operation, and reliability to cope with long hours of operation.

Simple User Interface

Linx user-friendly interfaces make programming a new barcode into a simple task. Our color touch screens make it easy to format and save barcodes, including the ability to scale and size on the machine for a smooth barcode printing process.

Many Linx printers are also equipped to print data matrix & QR codes.

Increase Productivity, Reduce Waste

Linx’s range of printers are designed to meet your primary and secondary packaging printing needs.

Linx ensures that our barcode printers will work for your production space and free sampling is available upon request. Increase your productivity and reduce waste today.

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