Linx industrial laser coding and laser marking machines are especially
    ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutical products – and provide fast,
    permanent traceability.

Laser Coding Machines

Linx is a leader in industrial laser marking, delivering high-speed, cost-effective and easy to install laser coding and marking solutions. Our laser marking machines are suitable for a wide range of products. Ideal for product coding and printing graphics: from product identification codes and barcodes, to batch numbers and sell by dates on almost any material.

Linx SL3

Robust, affordable, simple to install and operate.  This 30W CO2 industrial laser marking machine is suitable for coding onto a wide range of products in a variety of demanding manufacturing environments.

Linx CSL10

Fast and efficient 10 W CO2 scribing laser coder, designed for simple installation and operation. The fastest 10 W scribing laser marking machine in its class.

Linx CSL30

30 W C02 scribing laser coder for marking complex codes on high speed lines. Delivers high speed coding with low maintenance and no compromise on code quality.

Linx CSL60

Powerful 60 W laser machine for printing of complex codes onto high-speed industrial lines such as bottling, food, and personal care. The widest range of configurations in the industry gives the system greater flexibility to meet your exact coding requirements with no compromise on code quality, even on hard to mark materials.

Linx FSL20 and FSL50

Linx Fibre lasers deliver a very fine spot size which creates excellent quality codes. They are ideal for marking very small components, or large amounts of information onto small areas.


The Linx SLHP is a high power, 120W CO2 laser coder machine which can produce accurate, superior quality codes at some of the fastest speeds currently available on the market.