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Original fluids and parts


Linx Inks and Solvents

All Linx inks are designed specifically to work effectively in Linx CIJ printers. Our inks are rigorously tested in our printers to ensure optimum performance in your production environment.

Linx fluids and spares provide the best uptime and print reliability in your Linx printer. Here's how:

Maximum up time and printer reliability

  • Linx fluids are rigorously testing by our chemists across a range of temperature and environmental conditions.
  • Purity and filtration standards met.
  • Quality raw materials

Highest print quality

  • Linx fluids are tested for compatibility with Linx printers for optimum performance
  • 100% of ink batches are monitored and evaluated for chemical stability
  • Inks and solvents are developed to match your substrate, for long-term code clarity


  • With Linx fluids you maintain factory warranty on equipment and parts giving you peace of mind


  • Linx fluids are designed, tested and manufactured following controlled, consistent procedures to ensure you comply with all your regulations and standards

Linx range of inks

Linx offers a range of general-purpose black and coloured specialist inks that give outstanding performance on most common materials. Any Linx industrial ink is therefore ideal for most general external packaging applications. Each Linx industrial ink has slightly different performance characteristics to provide a wide range of options.

Enhanced adhesion inks are also available for excellent print quality on almost all substrates and superior adhesion to plastics and plastic films, which can be difficult to print, for example, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene (including untreated OPP and BOPP), and polyvinylchloride.

Linx Parts

Linx provides a complete range of spare parts for all our current coding and marking equipment. We are also committed to supporting older products for as long as is practical; for a minimum period of five years, and often for much longer. To maximise the reliability and performance of your Linx product, we recommend that you always use genuine Linx parts.