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Linx SL3 Laser

Automatic laser coder
Automatic laser coding and marking machine
laser marking machine
laser coding on PET bottles
laser marking on PET bottles
Laser marking on plastic pouches food industry
Laser marking on labels
sl3 glass marking
laser coding on pickle bottle lid
sl3 laser marking on chocolate box
laser coding on glass bottle
Laser marking on pharma box QR code
laser marking on lids
laser marking on glass bottle
laser marking on spice boxes
Laser marking on PET water bottle

Linx SL3 Laser

Robust, affordable, simple to install and operate.  This 30W CO2 laser coder is suitable for coding onto a wide range of products in a variety of demanding manufacturing environments. With its IP54 rated enclosure and proven laser technology, the Linx SL3 laser marking machine operates reliably in manufacturing environments, maximizing production output.

Key Benefits


  • Compact, complete laser marking in a single unit that meets your coding needs at an affordable price
  • Operates without any consumables to minimise your running costs.
  • Flexible user interface options to control your laser marking printer.


  • IP54 stainless steel and anodised aluminium enclosure to withstand your manufacturing environment.
  • Established and proven laser tube and marking head technology provide reliability and confidence.
  • Linx laser printer operates without interconnections improving laser reliability through eliminating possibilities of interconnection failure or damage.


  • Multiple mounting positions and orientations support simple and compact installations.
  • Single unit installation reduces production line space usage and installation time.
  • Easy and minimum maintenance increases production time and reduces running costs with the Linx laser batch code marking machine.

Linx SL3 Laser Marking Machine Video


SL3 Datasheet

SL3 Datasheet

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SL3 Infographic

SL3 Infographic

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SL3 Video

SL3 Video

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Configurations of Linx SL3 Laser Coder


This simple and robust, CO2 30W laser coder has the ability to code up to a maximum marking speed of 360 meters per minute, which will cover a wide range of production lines.


The majority of materials can be effectively marked with a laser marking machine, including glass, metal, plastic and paper/card.


The IP54 rating of the stainless steel and anodised aluminium enclosure makes the unit secure from water splashes from any angle. 


With no consumable the total cost of ownership is reduced.


The laser printer machine operates without interconnections, so the risk of accidental damage to the cables by twisting or chemical reaction is eliminated.


With its two-year laser tube warranty, the Linx laser batch coder ensures optimised production output and reliability, whilst reducing total cost of ownership.


Using the latest LinxVision® Software the SL3 laser coder provides easy access operator toolbar with a range of fonts, options and operating languages.

Target industries

the SL3 laser printing machine operates in a wide range of production environments but its abilities are especially suited to the beverage, packaging materials, home and personal care, and OEM installations.


Weighing in at 21kg, the single unit integrates easily onto production lines and systems making it simple to install. The space required to house the coder, together with the installation time needed, are minimised, meaning less upheaval for already pressed production schedules.  Its multiple mounting positions and orientations, together with flexible user interface options including a choice of operating languages and password protection levels, gives total control of the laser.

Technical Specifications of Linx SL3 Laser Coder

CO2 scribing laser coder

Line speed - up to 360 m/min (code and substrate dependent)

Maximum laser output power at lens - 30W

Maximum marking speed [2mm characters/s]: 1300 m/min *

Marking ellipse [mm]: 51 x 80; 76 x 120; 102 x 160

Marking distance [mm]: 92; 141; 190

Number of lines of text - only limited by character size and marking field size

Character height - up to marking field size

Print rotation – 0-360°

Head mounting options: down (90°) or straight (0°)


Pilot Laser: available as standard

Focus Finder: available as standard

Mounting: On 3 sides of laser

Code options: Date, time, static text, variable text, serial numbers, shift codes, increment/decrement (batch count), 1D/2D barcodes, graphics and logos, Julian date, Custom date and time formats, 2D codes including DotCode

Laser tube wavelengths - 10.6 µm, 10.2 µm or 9.3 µm

IP rating - IP54 as standard

Air cooled - not factory air

Laser tube warranty – 2 years